Always Add Value

Always Add Value

Always Add Value1 Minute Marketing Tips #21. Have you ever wondered why some ads seem to get so much more love than yours? So is there really an easier way to get a lot more clicks when you run ads online? Would you like to know my secret sauce formula to find more leads for a lot less money?

Always Add Value - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #21 - one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Pick a problem and fix it!

So if you are anything like me, when I started out in business I had no clue how to get more customers. Since then I have learned a few simple solutions for getting a lot more attention for a fraction of the money. But I didn’t have someone like me showing me the easy way to up my game.

A common mistake that kills…

First, one of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making is that they fail to put themselves in the shoes of their ideal customer. This single error alone will kill even the greatest marketing campaigns. So what I am referring to here is knowing your audience, like what I cover in these videos:

Secondly, once you know WHO your ideal customers are, you can then think about what problems they may have and how your products or services solve them. But you can only do that once you define your audience, not before.

Thirdly, you pick one of those problems and pick one fix for that problem and create a blog or ad around it. So this is what I refer to when I say that you should always add value first. When you demonstrate value by solving one of their problems, they become much more likely to look at buying from you as well.

Demonstrate value first, then go for the sale

Ever see one of those late-night TV infomercials? You know the kind where some dude with an accent is removing stains from clothes. That is what I am referring to when I say, “demonstrate value first!” It’s also what I mean when I say, “pick a problem and fix it!”

Offering a solution to your audience’s problems, using your products or services, demonstrates value. And the more value you are able to create in the eyes of your audience, the easier the sales will be. So now I Always Add Value to everything we do!

Always Add Value1 Minute Marketing Tips #21
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