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More On Our Publishing Process

More On Our Publishing Process Charles Snyder Raw #44 – More On Our Publishing Process.  I have nothing too overly pressing today so I figured I would share some more of our publishing process.  Enjoy your weekend! 

Our YouTube Process

Our YouTube Process Charles Snyder Raw #43 – Our YouTube Process.  With nothing too pressing on my mind today, I wasn’t sure what to talk about.  I was still working on the latest 5 Minutes With Charles video and decided to share some of that process.  Enjoy!

Manipulation Games

Manipulation Games Charles Snyder Raw #42 – Manipulation Games.  You are being emotionally toyed with and so am I.  Politicians, fake news and the guy in the douchey car videos are all playing with your strongest emotions.  I’m not talking about conspiracies, but I am talking about facts.  So watch…

Testing A New Setup

Testing A New Setup Charles Snyder Raw #41 – Testing A New Setup.  I’m actually using the same camera as I have been since December.  But I am using a new lighting ring and stand to hopefully eliminate the glare on my glasses.  I also get a few things off…

Live Streaming Fail

Live Streaming Fail Charles Snyder Raw #40 – Live Streaming Fail.  I’m having one of those days where things just do not want to work the way it should.

I Think I’m Sick

I Think I’m Sick Charles Snyder Raw #39 – I Think I’m Sick.  I’m feeling cold, achy and I have a splitting headache.  So what, I have a business to run and some things, like these videos, aren’t going to publish themselves.  Since I have work to do, here are…

Undies and Hard Drives

Undies and Hard Drives Charles Snyder Raw #38 – Undies and Hard Drives.  My fiance’ is probably going to kill me, but I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Since this may be my last day alive, I also share some other insights about external hard drives and business.  So as always,…

WTF WordPress

WTF WordPress Charles Snyder Raw #37 – WTF WordPress.  So my schedule is way off today.  I had a few unexpected phone calls, one of which resulted in helping a fellow marketer with website problems.  She was having a WTF WordPress moment, so I took some time to assist in…

The Fart in the Jar

The Fart in the Jar Charles Snyder Raw #36 – The Fart in the Jar.  I try to keep things focused on business, but today I was completely distracted by a practical joke.  Watch the video for what started off as one of my usual videos, but then I lost…

Don’t Be Vanilla

Don’t Be Vanilla Charles Snyder Raw #35 – Don’t Be Vanilla.  Hey, I love vanilla ice cream, so don’t get me wrong.  What I am talking about is those boring videos that everyone is doing.  Don’t Be Vanilla, its boring and not very interesting either.