Company Culture

Contagious Company Culture

Our Company Culture is one of enjoying what we do and mastering what we do.  So we take responsibility for our actions, our words and our choices.  Also, we keep our word and deliver on our promises to our clients, even when it is not so convenient.  We are as transparent as we can be while maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our valued clients.

But we try to have some fun along the way too. Because let’s be honest, happy people are contagious.

Our Company Culture is part of our Vivid Vision

“We want to earn your business for life.”

Charles E. Snyder III, CEO – 2020 Vivid Vision

Our Vivid Vision document is a living, evolving statement of what we do. Also, it clearly states why we do it as well as how we live it. It is our vision of our future and the culture we are developing as we move forward. So you can be a part of that vision and culture too, if you like.

Since our 2020 Vivid Vision lifts up everyone, including our clients, we invite you to join the movement too.

Company Culture and our Core Values

Our team members at C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC will conduct themselves professionally with compassion, caring and understanding at all times.  We will keep it real, honest, simple and to the point in a customer-friendly manner so that our customers can focus on what really matters most to them – their businesses.

Since the beginning, our Company Culture has always been a positive one and we tolerate zero crap.

Company Culture by the Numbers

C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC is located in the 717 Area Code


We are located in the heart of South-Central Pennsylvania

C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC and our "fur-babies"


The number of fur-babies enriching our lives – RIP Chasey

Our Company Culture isn't very cultured without coffee! Psst, Ann needs it to


The average number cups of coffee consumed during a week

Our Company Culture is sometimes we fly to fun places for work and play!


The number of working vacations we have been on since 1999

Pizza is definitely part of our Company Culture!


Defenseless pizzas cannibalized weekly

Our Company Culture is not a Nerf gun-free zone!


The average number of Nerf guns per team member

Our Company Culture is that sometimes Ann says...


The number of times Ann says it in one day (estimated)

Our Company Culture is sometimes you just have to get it off of your chest.


The number of times Charles curses in one day (estimated)

Our House Rules

  1. Always treat your fellow team members and our customers better than the way you want to be treated.  Who’s your favorite “Rock Star”? That’s the way we treat all of our clients.
  2. When you’re stressed, it’s OK to shoot someone with a Nerf Gun.
  3. When you’re really stressed, shoot yourself with a Nerf Gun.  Or we can just go out for some drinks and talk about it.
  4. Fridays are team lunch days – we celebrate the wins!
  5. When you’re angry, get it off of your chest, but in 15 minutes it’s time to have your game-face on again. Vent if you must, get it off your chest and move on.
  6. When you’re going to be more than 15 minutes late for work, you must buy the team breakfast (their choice).
  7. You should never wear a business suit or a tie, they are forbidden. If you like stuffy, sterile work places, we’re not it.
  8. If you wear a suit and tie, you will be subjected to a Nerf Gun firing squad of your peers.
  9. When you make a sale, you can make some noise and hit the “Like A Ninja” gong as hard as you can.
  10. When someone complains that you are being too loud, turn their office chair upside down while they are out for lunch.

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