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But what is ROI Ninjas CRM, what does it do?

ROI Ninjas CRM by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC – One app to rule them all!

It is a software as a service (SaaS) that automates your marketing and sales, making it easier for you to scale up your business. Also, with our powerful all-in-one solution, you can focus more on growing, not chasing leads. Because it solves all of your lead generation and follow-up problems in one place.

We’re in the business of helping you grow your company. So ROI Ninjas CRM is the only platform you will ever need to succeed. Since it is all of the tools, support, and resources in one app that you can manage from one dashboard. All of which are right there at your fingertips.

It is convenient, intuitive, and cost-effective Digital Marketing Automation for your business. In other words, it’s a complete money-making machine for your business, from A to Z.

ROI Ninjas CRM by the numbers

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But we’re only just getting started and these numbers are only from alpha-testing with two businesses. So more to come on that later, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of our flagship service.

The three biggest benefits of ROI Ninjas CRM

ROI Ninjas CRM by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - helping you get more customers!

Acquisition, retention, reviews, etc.!

  • GENERATE MORE LEADS – With the support of our professionals and our growing community, you will know the most successful digital marketing strategies. You’ll know exactly what to do to make a ton of money online so you don’t have to waste your time or another penny.
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS LONGER – With our all-in-one platform for marketing and sales, you will be able to keep all of your tools in one dashboard (while saving a fortune). It streamlines your entire communication process so you can focus on what matters most; keeping your customers happy.
  • SCALE-UP YOUR BUSINESS – And do it without increasing your workload or expenses. You’ll be able to connect with some of the most successful business owners in the U.S. to help you grow your company. So you can do it faster, close more deals and allow you to offer unprecedented customer relations management.

Build your own money-making machine

All the tools you need in one app without having to tie everything together with bubblegum and baling wire. So gone are the days of a dozen or more platforms and services that don’t “talk” to each other. Also, you’ll no longer need to have another service to sort of “tie” them all together.

In other words, it is one amazing app, one central dashboard, to rule them all!

  • Capture more leads using our built-in tools like our funnel builder, easy landing page designer, and online forms. Also, leverage our calendars, generate reviews, our flexible inbound phone system and so much more!
  • Nurture your leads and put your business on autopilot with automation for email, text/SMS messaging, and voicemail too. Because with just a few clicks, you can use our pre-built campaigns or create your own!
  • Close more sales with our integrated tools to collect payments, create subscriptions, and schedule appointments. Also, track your analytics, the performance of your sales team, and even review sales calls!

“Digital marketing is all about lead generation. But if you’re smart, you do some follow-up too. Because the fortune is in the follow-up, not the marketing. So ROI Ninjas CRM takes lead generation, follow-up, and the customer relationship management side of the business to a whole new level!”

Charles E. Snyder III, CEO
Charles E. Snyder III, CEO of C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

“The fortune is in your follow-up!”

Generate more new leads

ROI Ninjas SaaS is a complete marketing, sales, and CRM engine for small businesses. So this application also includes a full-featured WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for capturing leads and converting them. Because it is all the features you need, together in one place, such as:

  • Create complete landing pages, funnels, and entire websites. Our easy-to-use app gives you the tools you need to develop custom web pages and menus. Also, create mesmerizing and high-performing web pages all in one suite!
  • Drag & Drop builder for forms and surveys. Included right in the page builder is the ability to create your own integrated custom forms and surveys. But you can also embed them into your existing website too!
  • Online calendar and appointment scheduling. The biggest step for any business is capturing and requesting appointments. So we’ve built into ROI Ninjas CRM and it fully integrates with your Google Calendar as well!

But where else can you get an email, online calendar, phone, texting, and more services in one platform? This is the software of the future, setting you up for amazing results!

Click on the link if you want to know more about Lead Generation.

Nurture and convert leads into buyers

ROI Ninjas: HVAC Marketing Master Guide

The Secret, 4 Pillars of Marketing Success

At the very heart of ROI Ninjas CRM, is what you can do after you capture a lead; the follow-up. But it will also streamline your whole sales process, saving you a lot of time and money too. Because this is a complete game-changer for practically any industry you can think of, especially HVAC.

  • Follow-up campaigns – Easily customize one of our templates or create as many as you like of your own. Either way, our automation allows you to generate a steady flow of engaging follow-up sequences across multiple channels. Additionally, our platform captures any responses from your leads.
  • Multi-channel campaigns – Create follow-up and appointment reminder campaigns across multiple channels and networks with unprecedented ease. Also, you can use our highly effective templates or create your own; such as email, text messaging, phone, voicemail, and Facebook messenger.
  • Communicate in real-time – Our white-label phone app allows you to stay in touch with your leads and your customers all the time, on all devices. Additionally, you can record calls for review and training your team members later. Inbound or outbound calls; it’s an insane game-changer for your company!

Click on the link if you want to know more about Email Marketing or the Free HVAC Marketing Master Guide.

*PLEASE NOTE: All ROI Ninjas CRM subscribers have access to download a free digital copy of our new “HVAC Marketing Master Guide.”

Scheduling automation

Book new leads and sale calls automatically without ever lifting your finger. Because before ROI Ninjas CRM, some of our clients were spending upwards of $5,000 every month. But now we also train small business owners that can build on that efficiency right out of the gate. So you can do more in less time and for a lot less money!

  • Fill up your calendar – Without doing more work. Because now you can create entire nurturing sequences in text for email and text messaging. So you can book more appointments on your calendar without the need for any additional human interaction.
  • Templates or full customization – The choice is up to you. So you can use our booking templates or you can use our intuitive campaign builder to develop the perfect messaging. However, even our templates are fully customizable so that you can say it all with your own words, brand, etc.
  • Machine-Learning comes of age – Our app allows you to leverage Artificial Intelligence to manage all of your conversations. Because it’s savvy and it’s a smart way to grow and scale your business without the need for hiring more staff. So you can better manage your and your team’s time.

Click on the link if you want to know more about Digital Marketing Automation.

Make more offers and close more sales

Track all of your leads in one place and without the need for additional systems, software, services, or people. You can monitor where all of your contacts are in their customer journey. Also, with our secure online payment processing, your customers can buy from you any time of day or night.

  • Pipeline management – With a click of a button, know exactly where your leads are in any stage of your sales funnel. But you can see where they all are or you can select individuals for more details. Because your business intelligence doesn’t have to mean more work for you.
  • Total cash-flow control – You are in control of your money. Collect payments from your website, funnels, and more or even when someone books an appointment. Also, create subscriptions, generate invoices, and you can easily issue refunds all from our high-security Stripe integration, directly from your secure account dashboard.
  • Analytics, reports, and reputation management – Our all-in-one overview dashboard gives you incredible visibility on the entire sales process of your business. Because at a glance, you know exactly where your leads are and how much money you make at each stage of the game. But you can also see and manage all of your Google Ads, Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Reviews too!

Grow your company with ROI Ninjas CRM

All the tools you need to succeed are here, straight out of the box. Additionally, join our growing community of successful businesses and marketers that can help you to learn and earn more. Because they are winning, they can show you how to do the same as well!

  • One platform – Most of all, it’s all you need to manage your leads, website, funnels, landing pages, and calendars to maintain your customers. In summary, it’s absolutely all the tools you will ever need to win big in one place!
  • White-labeling – From the start, your desktop app is white-labeled so that all your customers see is your name, your brand, your domain, and your logo.
  • Fulfillment servicesROI Ninjas CRM also offers services such as Social Media Marketing, Explainer Videos, and Copywriting too. Also, coming soon in 2022, ROI Ninjas University will help you and your team transition to our white-label platform. So you cannot lose!

So you can click on this link to learn more about all of our Digital Marketing Services.

Join the movement

Our growing community of thriving small businesses and visionary digital marketers are some of the most successful in the U.S. So you get all the help, training, and resources you need to grow your business right now.

  • BY SMALL BUSINESS, FOR SMALL BUSINESS. ROI Ninjas CRM was built on and is powered by our agency with a focus on problems that all small businesses always face. Once we found success, we introduced it to some select clients, that were also struggling to solve the same issues. So now we’re ready to share it with the world!
  • FEEDBACK-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT. We are dedicated to helping the small business community and we listen to our client’s ideas. Since everything is driven by their feedback and helps to determine our direction in development. But we also take notes on features that they like to see too.
  • SMALL BUSINESS NETWORKING. Our private Facebook Group is a network of business owners from all across the United States as well as some of the smartest marketers in the world. Learn and share tips or ideas with other small business owners as well as find out what other clients are doing to succeed within our community.
  • LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. Coming soon in 2022 is ROI Ninjas University. It is a self-paced learning program for our platform and we’re working on publishing the first program, The ROI Ninjas CRM Quick Start Guide. However, this is just the first of several programs we are planning.

ROI Ninjas SaaS: Compare & Save!

Call Tracking$175
CRM Management$99
Desktop App$99
Email Marketing$299
Funnel Builder$297
Reputation Management$1,000+
SMS Marketing$145
Swipe Templates$99
Website Builder$199
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Want to learn more about ROI Ninjas CRM?

If you would like to learn more about ROI Ninjas CRM, you can log in or start your subscription today! So check it out, ROI Ninjas CRM for HVAC (or any other business).

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