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Story Telling Sells

Story Telling Sells - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #23: If you ever thought about what makes for a good ad, start thinking about what pain your customers have and offer them a solution.
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May 2020 Updates

May 2020 Updates - News & Announcements: This past month I was in NYC as part of the federal COVID-19 response, but I wasn't totally unproductive with my agency. Check it out!
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April 2020 Updates

April 2020 Updates - News & Announcements: So here we are, the second month of the Kung Flu insanity. But more than ever, we are working on updates, upgrades, and more; read on.
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Ames Mirror and Glass

Ames Mirror and Glass - Marketing Case Studies 004: For this business, I do another quick audit of their website and YouTube channel. Overall, it looks good, but they're losing money.
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Ready For Realtors

Ready For Realtors - Marketing Case Studies 003: I review another business that was referred to me and I found they were making some common mistakes. Mistakes that are costing them big!
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March 2020 Updates

March 2020 Updates: It's been a weird month! Corona, quarantines, toilet paper riots. So here is how my agency is handling the insanity. Check it out!
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COVID-19 Business Trends

COVID-19 Business Trends - Charles Snyder Raw #148: There's some good news and some bad news. But best of all for business owners, you can do something about it; here's what to do...
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Marketing During A Crisis

Marketing During A Crisis - Charles Snyder Raw #147: Should you sit this one out and hope for the best? I say, Hell no! Now is the best time to grow your list and build trust!
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COVID-19 Quarantine Crisis

COVID-19 Quarantine Crisis: Health Crisis vs. Financial Crisis. You have just two choices during this crisis; hope for the best or you can do something about it.
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February 2020 Updates

February 2020 Updates: The work continues unabated on our website, content, social media pages, and our digital assets. Here's what been accomplished...
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Why create a Digital Marketing Blog?

Digital Marketing Blog by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC‘s Digital Marketing Blog

Welcome to our Digital Marketing Blog!  So here you will see our most recent videos and articles published.  Since January 2018, our purpose has been to deliver valuable online marketing advice for small business owners. Our goal is to entertain and educate as well as help you execute.

Granted, there are many blogs out there talking about all the facets of digital marketing. But none of them have Charles. He is a marketing ninja and a beast, bringing more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations to his game.

Digital Marketing Blog – Looking Forward

Due to shifting priorities, the game is about to change as we develop more marketing related content.  Therefore we will also be publishing content dealing with topics such as social media, SEO, automation and so on.  Likewise, we will also be adding content dealing with customer service, public relations and brand-building to name a few.  So as time permits, you will find a growing variety of topics covered here.

Also, hold onto your computer chairs because we are working on some awesome premium content for 2019.  Our premium content will only be available to our inner-circle of members. So we will also be releasing information on getting your access to our premium content soon.

Last but not least, premium Digital Marketing Blog content is just the beginning of the next phase of our development as an agency.  So keep your eyes on our announcements for more news as it becomes available.

PLEASE NOTE: So with our change in agency name and business focus in 2018, all of our content prior to March 2017 has been removed.  Besides that, we will be revisiting many of those topics in future posts and videos.  So think of it as just temporary and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Finally, we promise that some of our old and out-dated content will be covered again.  Our plan is to update most of our old content and deliver it in an easier to understand format. More details on that coming soon!