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SMS Text Messaging – Digital Marketing.

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Text Message Marketing is a new way of staying in contact with your customers, nurturing new leads, and getting more reviews. But text marketing can be extremely time-consuming to do it the right way. So the more customers you have and the more leads you are working on developing, the more work there is to do. A whole lot more!

SMS Text Messaging - Digital Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - Helping you get more customers!

The fortune is in your follow-up!

Since text messaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to market directly to customers, every business needs it. Because the fact is, texting is one of the most popular forms of communication, it’s fast, and it’s personal. So you can use it to generate new leads, nurture high-value followers, and increase your sales.

However, ROI Ninjas SaaS automates all of your follow-up text marketing for lead generation, lead nurturing, scheduling, appointment reminders, and so much more. But most important of all, text marketing improves your overall results, making it a no-brainer for any kind of business. So automating your text message marketing and follow-up is a just smart idea.

A short intro to SMS Text Messaging

For the past decade, or perhaps longer, smart businesses and marketers have been using text message marketing. Because it is an easy way to reach a large audience in real-time, quickly, and effectively. Additionally, text message marketing has a greater reach than email, social media, and instant messages combined!

Historically, text marketing was once only available to big businesses with a big budget. Because it was a new technology, it was very expensive. Prohibitively so. So it’s only just been within the last few years that the prices have come down, making it affordable for even solopreneurs.

Regardless, you may hear some people say that marketing with text messaging sucks. But did you know that the average person checks their phone as much as 160 times each day?

But here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • The Opt-in – Someone agrees to receive text messages from your business in the future. So this can be as simple as offering some kind of deal, coupon, or member-only special offer. They give you permission to text them in exchange for access to the deals, coupons, or offers.
  • Ongoing Text Marketing – Once you have an initial contact with a lead or customer, you can use short text messages to promote further development of relationships. So you can do all sorts of desirable things such as prompting them to join your mailing list, send them coupons to boost sales, solicit reviews, and much more.
  • The Opt-Out – Just like you morally, ethically, and legally must get consent to text someone, you also have to offer them a way out too. So this can be as simple as them replying ‘STOP’ to end receiving your text messages. But you can send one final text to confirm the opt-out. However, it does need to be the absolute last one.

5 fundemental truths of SMS Text Messaging Marketing:

SMS Text Messaging Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
SMS Text Messaging Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
  • 29% of consumers that opt into text marketing click on links
  • 47% of customers that click a link to a business website buy something
  • An average of about 40% of coupons sent by text messages will be used
  • 46% of consumer say that they check their cell phones before getting out of bed
  • 98% of text messages will get opened!!

However, the biggest truth of all is that most adults almost always have their cell phones with them. Because they want to keep them handy to find information quickly or check the latest updates from their social media. So text message marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and it’s sitting there waiting for you to use it too.

Why SMS Text Messaging marketing works

It can be summed up in just two words; effective distribution. Your ads and coupons are easier and cheaper to put in front of the right people. So it is also much more cost-effective than print, email, or even social media.

Also, people are much more likely to have their phones with them than they are to leave home with a printed coupon. They are also more likely to share with family and friends any promotions, surveys, or reviews that they find to be entertaining. Or at least find them to be appealing and/or relevant.

Additionally, research shows that just 29% of tweets are read and Facebook posts have a dismal 12% read rate. But email isn’t much better with open rates between just 16% and 20% depending on who you ask. So with a 98% open rate, do you see why text message marketing is a big deal?

The many benefits of mobile marketing:

Think about this. When is the last time that you or anyone you know, didn’t have a cell phone with? Better still, when is the last time you received a text message and didn’t look at your phone right away? So are you missing out on some lucrative business opportunities?

Here are just the top five benefits of marketing to mobile devices.

Benefit #1: Extraordinary engagement

Of all the marketing mediums out there, text messages are almost always read after they are sent. But phone calls will be mostly ignored and an email can sit unopened for days before being seen. And the effectiveness of social media ads is even more dismal with an average of about 2% click-through rates (for the good ones).

Additionally, in recent years, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter produce fewer and fewer results. Also, content marketing along with organic reach on social media has become even less effective too. But text messages remain incredibly effective with unprecedented open rates compared to all other forms of marketing!

Benefit #2: It’s practical

Text messages are a fast and easy way to get feedback from your customers. So you can send them surveys, reviews requests, and much more. But it is also a great way to build your distribution list too.

Either way, you can always direct recipients back to your website, landing page, or special offer. However, you do so with short messages that get right to the point. Almost all of the big chain restaurants do it all the time, so pick your favorite and learn from their example.

Benefit #3: It’s tactical

There are more than a few options “out there” that let you manage text message marketing from a laptop or desktop. But not all of them are equal in abilities, ease of use, etc. Some of them allow you to track where your leads are coming from, but all of them have costs.

However, SMS Text Messaging campaigns are an integral part of ROI Ninjas SaaS. So is tracking message delivery, opening, and all responses, they are all recorded and captured by our platform. This data then becomes part of your account analytics that you can access at any time.

Benefit #4: Instant delivery

Overall, you can set up a campaign quickly, and when you hit the “send” button, your message goes out immediately. So depending on the size of your distribution list, you can have dozens or even hundreds of clicks in just a few minutes. Because it takes just a few seconds for your message to land on your subscribers’ phones.

Benefit #5: You can make it personal

Every time you send out a message, you have an opportunity to also personalize it. For example, some of the large chain restaurants or stores use words like “friends” and “your.” Also, we often use terms like “you” and “we.” But in ROI Ninjas SaaS you can also dynamically add their first name or full name for complete personalization.

However, you can also leverage local events that are relevant to your recipients too. Because the opportunities with text messages are only limited by your creativity. So why aren’t you using it?

SMS Text Messaging Marketing: Try these strategies

There are a lot of options when it comes to text message marketing. So if you’re familiar with running social media promotions or contests, this may seem familiar to you. But the best concepts to keep in mind are engagement, being entertaining, and offering something of value to your customers.

So here are three, best-use scenarios for SMS Text Messaging Marketing:

Text Marketing Tip #1 – Coupons, Exclusive Deals, and Special Offers

The first trick is to create unique codes for your coupons so that people have to subscribe to save money. So you don’t want to use codes that are easily guessed by non-subscribers. Because then your special offers, etc. truly are exclusive deals and your distribution list will grow.

Text Marketing Tip #2 – Nurture Campaigns

Also known as Drip Campaigns. Either way, this is a form of Digital Marketing Automation that can be easily set up in ROI Ninjas Saas and sent out under specified conditions. But you create triggers depending on someone’s status as a lead or as a subscriber and the system takes care of the rest.

Also, messages are sent out on a schedule that you set. For example, the system automatically sends out a message when someone sets an appointment. But then the ROI Ninjas system sends out reminders one day, one hour, and 15 minutes before the appointment.

Text Marketing Tip #3 – Reviews and Surveys

Another great use of ROI Ninjas SaaS is sending out surveys and requests for reviews via text messages. Both of which you can generate on the platform and send out using triggers and automation. Because it engages your customers, gives you useful feedback, and generates more reviews, which every business needs.

Learn more about the importance of Customer Reviews.

Want to learn more about ROI Ninjas SaaS?

ROI Ninjas SaaS (software as a service) packed platform by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC. It eliminates the need for expensive upgrades to systems and software as well as technical expertise. It’s a full suite of powerful digital marketing tools that puts everything your business needs to succeed right in the palm of your hand. Because it’s the future of digital marketing and making more sales: ROI Ninjas SaaS!

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