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December 2021 Updates – News & Announcements.

December 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
December 2021 Updates – News & Announcements

First thing first, Happy New Year!!

As we are closing out 2021, we take a look back at the past month as well as the past year. So taking stock, we have had a few misses and one major win. But has also been a month and year of growth for us, learning some invaluable business and marketing lessons along the way.

December 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Looking back on 2021

However, we cannot talk about this past month or even this past year without also talking about ROI Ninjas SaaS. Since the end of October, we have made several major campaigns promoting our flagship platform. So the month of December was no exception with our 30-Days of Christmas Wallet-Stuffer Sale (ending 31 December 2021).

Also, we broke several in-house records including breaking more than 121,000 times ROI Ninjas SaaS was seen online. Additionally, since July 2021, we have been using our platform to automate our business and we are excited with the results. So to put this into simple terms that matter for you; ROI Ninjas SaaS has generated more than 100 new leads worth about $300,000 for us!

But that’s not the only thing we’ve been doing…

So for the past few years, we have mentioned on more than one occasion that we are working on new webinars, etc. But we have yet to publish any of it with three exceptions in our Train Your Brain category since 2017. However, that is all about to change starting in a few days with a new addition for subscribers to ROI Ninjas.

By the end of January 2022, the all-new ROI Ninjas University will launch its first self-paced learning program. But the “ROI Ninjas SaaS Quick Start Guide” will only be available to ROI Ninjas SaaS subscribers. However, it will be free to all ROI Ninjas SaaS subscribers, for as long as they are subscribers, and this program alone is valued at $399!

We are almost ready to publish the first 5 to 6 lessons with a welcome message. But we will continue adding to the program until there is a comprehensive module that covers all the major components. Also, our goal is to add one new module every quarter of 2022.

December 2021 Updates: creating content in 2022

For the past few years, I have written that we are focusing more on refreshing all of our current content. That project is still ongoing and will continue through the rest of this year as well. However, our main focus remains on marketing and advertising our business marketing services, not so much on new content.

Also, with the addition of ROI Ninjas University, much of our new content will be found there. Because ROI Ninjas SaaS is an incredibly powerful suite of marketing management tools. So our main focus will be on promoting it as well as supporting it for our new and existing customers.

Last but not least, in the next few days we will be publishing some new content about ROI Ninjas University, etc. But mainly it will be a preview of RNU as well as another when we launch the members-only website. So stay tuned in to our digital marketing blog, subscribe to ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks for more news and a special deal coming soon!

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