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T-Bones Concrete – Digital Marketing Case Study #5.

T-Bones Concrete – Lancaster, PA – Digital Marketing Case Study #5

Tyler Martin, the owner of T-Bones Concrete located in Lancaster, PA, is looking for advice. He is looking for a well-known “media marketer that can help build a good website” too. So we found out about it when we were tagged for the same post on Facebook.

This digital marketing case study article and video review is our response.

T-Bones Concrete - Digital Marketing Case Studies by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Great potential!

Charles had a quick look around at Tyler’s website and Facebook business page, taking note of a few key areas that can be improved upon now. But he also discusses a few long-term plays to keep the wins coming. So let’s dive right into this latest digital marketing case study and review.

What they are doing right

First and foremost, Tyler is using pictures to demonstrate his company’s value. Both his website and social media have several examples, which is a good thing to capture attention with his potential customers.

Secondly, Tyler also has a handful of reviews, which is a good thing to have as well. He has at least half a dozen on his Facebook business page and he has even replied to some of them. So he is off to a good start there as well.

Thirdly, Tyler’s Facebook business page has a basic Facebook Messenger greeting set up to encourage people to ask questions. Since potential customer engagement is critical to making more sales, this too is a good start.

What T-Bones Concrete can do better

So going back to pictures, for social media, keep it simple. Have before and after pictures, side-by-side and that’s all. Save the additional pictures with more descriptive articles on a website with a blog.

Also, pictures are great, but a video is way better. So use pictures, but also make a video about each project you take pictures of. Because study after study by Facebook, Google, and others shows that people like videos and pages with videos have more views. A lot more!

Additionally, Tyler needs more current reviews. Reviews are good, but if they are more than a few months old, people begin to wonder what you’ve been doing for the past few months or years. So finding ways of getting more reviews is paramount to any business.

Plus, more reviews will help with your SEO. Replying to all of your reviews will also help to drive more traffic.

How we can help T-Bones Concrete succeed in 2022

As Charles states in the video, marketing and advertising for rapid, steady growth is a never-ending investment. But there are ways of making your marketing efforts easier and bringing you a higher Return On Investment (ROI). Here are our top recommendations:

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