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Ames Mirror and Glass

Ames Mirror and GlassMarketing Case Studies 004. So a few days ago, I posted an unlisted video in a private group on Facebook. In that video, I share some things that I am doing to create content as well as syndicating it out across all of our social media channels. But I also go over some other considerations for SEO, content marketing, etc.

Ames Mirror and Glass - Marketing Case Studies 004 by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

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Anyway, a few hours after I posted that private video, I was asked by one of the group members to critic his website. Chance, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, is the owner of the business and I accepted his request. And I am now sharing that review with you because there are some important points that apply to all businesses.

My initial findings

First, I would like to say that Chance’s website looks very professional. It is nicely laid out and it’s also not cluttered. Very nicely done, Chance!

However I noticed that there were some issues with how slowly the website loaded. So I ran several speed tests on his home page, looking at it from a mobile device and then desktop perspective. Unfortunately, the website page loading speed was way too low for mobile devices and it was moderately slow for desktop.

Another thing that I noticed was that there is very little video on his company website. However I did see that Chance has an incredible “Who We Are” video on his YouTube channel. At about 3 minutes in length, it’s a bit too long to use for marketing, but it definitely belongs on his home page.

Options for Ames Mirror and Glass

Here are my top few recommendations for Chance, so that he can get more customers and make more money:

  1. The look of your website is pretty good, but your loading speed is costing you thousands of dollars in business. I would recommend dumping Wix and go with a CMS like WordPress to leverage your content and speed up your loading, especially on mobile devices.
  2. Definitely use your “Who We Are” video on your new website. And I would highly recommend making it prominent. It is a good story and it puts a human face on your business.
  3. Create more videos of your crews working, even time-lapse. It demonstrates value upfront, making sales much easier. Also, with a CMS, create blog posts around the videos and syndicate them across all of your social media pages.

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Ames Mirror and GlassMarketing Case Studies 004
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