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Super-charge your business, with insanely powerful and effective digital marketing like nothing you have ever seen before.  Every business wants highly-qualified customers that are ready to buy right now.  So we deliver leads directly to you and that means your phone will ring.  C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC makes it easy to transform your business today.





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Here at C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC, our mission is simple; we want to earn your business for life.  So what better way is there, than by showing you our amazing marketing skills up-front?  You can test-drive a brand new car and try on new clothes before you buy; why not do the same with your digital marketing too?  Since we are serious, you can get started for free!  Please put your wallet away until after we have demonstrated our incredible value to you and your business.

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Audience Analytics

Knowing the key demographics of your audience is extremely vital to your success! (COMING SOON)

Brand Building & Strategy

People connect with real people – so you need to put a human face to your brand!  (COMING SOON)

Copywriting Success

Storytelling sells – you need to create compelling content that is relevant! (COMING SOON)

Digital Marketing

Successful selling online requires work – proper “plumbing” is the foundation! (COMING SOON)

Search Engine Optimization

Your website accounts for just 25% of SEO and search engine results – the other 75%… (COMING SOON)

Social Media Marketing

Getting comments, “likes” and shares is fun, but getting leads and buyers is better!  (COMING SOON)

Train Your Brain

Filling your mind with accurate information is half the battle; garbage in = garbage out! (COMING SOON)

Virulant Video

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but video is worth a thousand pictures! (COMING SOON)

What Are Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages – 1 Minute Marketing Tips #15. Have you ever tried asking your wife or girlfriend what she’s hungry for? It was a painful experience for me too, so here’s what I did instead and the same idea applies to marketing too!

Google Site Verification

Google Site Verification Google Site Verification - Charles Snyder Raw #143. So I'm a little behind schedule with this article and video, but I've had a pretty good and very productive week. Since Monday, I was feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, but the last two days,...

Overcoming Creative Constipation

Overcoming Creative Constipation Overcoming Creative Constipation - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #14. So are you stuck like Chuck and not sure what to create content about? Do you feel like your creative juices have all dried up? Or maybe you're mentally behind a log-jam...

DNS Flag Day 2019

DNS Flag Day 2019 DNS Flag Day 2019 - Charles Snyder Raw #142. Ready or not, EDNS is coming on 1 February 2019. So are you ready? Will your website disappear from the Internet when it all shakes out? Since I kind of stumbled around the subject in my video, let me get...

SEO Need For Speed

SEO Need For Speed 1 minute Marketing Tips #13 - SEO Need For Speed. So if you are like a lot of other people, you may have asked yourself about page loading speed. Is your page loading speed a factor in SEO? Will it affect my website visitors if my website is slow?...

Page Speed Matters

Page Speed Matters Charles Snyder Raw #141 - Page Speed Matters. So I've been saying it for years, page loading speeds are very important. Since then, Google and Unbounce are telling you now as well. Consumers don't like slow-loading pages and it is costing businesses...

What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing 1 Minute Marketing Tips #12 - What Is Content Marketing? Does it really work?  What is the purpose of it? Business Blogging! First, if you are like most people, you may wonder what marketing with content is all about.  The easiest way I...

Digital Disaster Recovery

Digital Disaster Recovery Charles Snyder Raw #140 - Digital Disaster Recovery. Have you ever had one of "those" kind of days? What I mean is one of those days where you do something or don't do something and it has serious repercussions. And then you spend a day or...

What Is Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing? 1 Minute Marketing Tips #11 - What Is Digital Marketing? Need Customers? What is digital marketing? Is it even any different than traditional marketing? Is it really that important for my business? Look, if you are like most entrepreneurs,...

Marketing Plumbing Updates

Marketing Plumbing Updates Charles Snyder Raw #139 - Marketing Plumbing Updates. I talked about "Marketing Plumbing" in 5 Minutes With Charles - Marketing Plumbing, which was published on 14 February 2018. Since Thanksgiving 2018, I've been working on our agency...

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