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Confused People Don’t Buy

Confused People Don’t Buy Charles Snyder Raw #125 – Confused People Don’t Buy.  So today I am looking at more local businesses and building a prospecting list.  Since Ann is still in the Philippines, I can’t pawn that chore off on her.  Interestingly, I see a lot of the same…

Business Blogging Ideas

Business Blogging Ideas 1 Minute Marketing Tips #8 – Business Blogging Ideas.  So you’re stuck like Chuck trying to figure out what to blog about?  Do you find it to be a frustrating struggle every time you need to create content?  And who really has the time to write business…

Back Home Again

Back Home Again Charles Snyder Raw #124 – Back Home Again.  So I’m back home from the Philippines and I have a serious case of jet-lag!  Ann and I had a great time with her family, hitting the beach and just having some together time.  Since I wasn’t able to…

My Mental Happy Place

My Mental Happy Place Charles Snyder Raw #123 – My Mental Happy Place.  Since I wasn’t in a happy place yesterday, I decided to not make the daily video marketing blog.  So now that I am happy again, it’s time to start working and producing more marketing content.  But that…

Creating Great Blog Content

Creating Great Blog Content 1 Minute Marketing Tips #7 – Creating Great Blog Content.  One of the questions we are seeing most often deals with coming up with ideas for blog articles.  In fact, I am venturing to say that it’s probably one of the most frustrating chores for many…

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