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Kidney Stones Suck

Kidney Stones Suck! Charles Snyder Raw #137 – Kidney Stones Suck!  So as the title suggests, I have kidney stones and yes, they suck.  I admit to having a bladder infection last week, but the pain got so bad, I ended up in the emergency room.  Thursday I was feeling…

Some Tough Choices

Some Tough Choices Charles Snyder Raw #136 – Some Tough Choices.  I am doing a lot of thinking lately, pretty much since I got back from the Philippines.  My fiance Ann, our dreams together, my business, my goals and what I have to do to achieve them.  So I am…

Labor Day 2018 Updates

Labor Day 2018 Updates Charles Snyder Raw #135 – Labor Day 2018 Updates.  So how was your Labor Day Weekend?  Did you spend it with family and friends or working on your business?  Let me know in the comments section below! I’ve been feeling kind of under the weather ever…

Marketing Agency Red Flags

Marketing Agency Red Flags Charles Snyder Raw #134 – Marketing Agency Red Flags.  So today I am reaching back into the mailbag and taking another question from the audience.  And I think it’s a pretty good question too because I haven’t seen very many people talking about it.  Here’s today’s…

Earning Website Backlinks

Earning Website Backlinks Charles Snyder Raw #133 – Earning Website Backlinks.  So here I am trying to get back on schedule with our content schedule.  Since I am still a little behind, I am taking another question sent to us indirectly.  But thanks to Charles for the question, because it…

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