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Business Blogging Facts

Business Blogging Facts 1 Minute Marketing Tips #6 – Business Blogging Facts.  So here we are in 2018 and it amazes me that people still underestimate the value of a business blog.  Or maybe more accurately, many business owners I talk to know that they should be blogging.  Since 1999…

Say Goodbye Quora

Say Goodbye Quora Charles Snyder Raw #118 – Say Goodbye Quora.  Since I’m seeing between 15 and 20 answers deleted on Quora this past week, I’m done with them.  I have contacted them to get an explanation as to why those posts were deleted and they have yet to respond. …

Develop Customer Avatars

Develop Customer Avatars Charles Snyder Raw #117 – Develop Customer Avatars.  Since we are receiving a large amount of questions from Quora, I’m reaching into the mail bag for today’s episode.  Laura wants to know, “How can I increase the effective traffic of my website?”  First thing is that you…

Success Reality Check

Success Reality Check Charles Snyder Raw #116 – Success Reality Check.  So I’ve been thinking today, about the never-ending parade of “gurus” with a system to sell.  However, almost every single one of them claim you can make millions if you just give them your money.  Since the latest wave…

Check References

Check References Charles Snyder Raw #115 – Check References.  So I’m thinking about the conversation I had over the weekend in regards to SEO.  I allowed myself to get distracted by a friend of mine with a big problem – her client got robbed by a SEO “expert.”  Since hinting…

Quora Mail Call Saturday

Quora Mail Call Saturday Charles Snyder Raw #114 – Quora Mail Call Saturday.  So I actually recorded this episode on Saturday, but had a lot of editing to do to it.  However sidetracking my attention for the rest of the weekend was another referral.  Since I have been working on…

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