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Super-charge your business, with insanely powerful and effective digital marketing like nothing you have ever seen before.  Every business wants highly-qualified customers that are ready to buy right now.  So we deliver leads directly to you and that means your phone will ring.  C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC makes it easy to transform your business today.





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Here at C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC, our mission is simple; we want to earn your business for life.  So what better way is there, than by showing you our amazing marketing skills up-front?  You can test-drive a brand new car and try on new clothes before you buy; why not do the same with your digital marketing too?  Since we are serious, you can get started for free!  Please put your wallet away until after we have demonstrated our incredible value to you and your business.

C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

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Audience Analytics

Knowing the key demographics of your audience is extremely vital to your success! (COMING SOON)

Brand Building & Strategy

People connect with real people – so you need to put a human face to your brand!  (COMING SOON)

Copywriting Success

Storytelling sells – you need to create compelling content that is relevant! (COMING SOON)

Digital Marketing

Successful selling online requires work – proper “plumbing” is the foundation! (COMING SOON)

Search Engine Optimization

Your website accounts for just 25% of SEO and search engine results – the other 75%… (COMING SOON)

Social Media Marketing

Getting comments, “likes” and shares is fun, but getting leads and buyers is better!  (COMING SOON)

Train Your Brain

Filling your mind with accurate information is half the battle; garbage in = garbage out! (COMING SOON)

Virulant Video

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but video is worth a thousand pictures! (COMING SOON)

Digital Disaster Recovery

Digital Disaster Recovery Charles Snyder Raw #140 - Digital Disaster Recovery. Have you ever had one of "those" kind of days? What I mean is one of those days where you do something or don't do something and it has serious repercussions. And then you spend a day or...

What Is Digital Marketing

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Marketing Plumbing Updates

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SEO Key Ingredients

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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019! So I've been back home for about a week before Christmas. Since then, I've been sick for the better part of 10 days. I'm feeling much better now, minus a few sniffles and sneezing, so it's time to get back to work. But there's been other things...

SEO Simply Defined

SEO Simply Defined 1 Minute Marketing Tips #9 - SEO Simply Defined.  You may be wondering what SEO is and why so many people talk about it.  So if you have ever done an Internet search, I know you found an overload of information.  But who has time to wade through...

Kidney Stones Suck

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Some Tough Choices

Some Tough Choices Charles Snyder Raw #136 - Some Tough Choices.  I am doing a lot of thinking lately, pretty much since I got back from the Philippines.  My fiance Ann, our dreams together, my business, my goals and what I have to do to achieve them.  So I am also...

Labor Day 2018 Updates

Labor Day 2018 Updates Charles Snyder Raw #135 - Labor Day 2018 Updates.  So how was your Labor Day Weekend?  Did you spend it with family and friends or working on your business?  Let me know in the comments section below! I've been feeling kind of under the weather...

Marketing Agency Red Flags

Marketing Agency Red Flags Charles Snyder Raw #134 - Marketing Agency Red Flags.  So today I am reaching back into the mailbag and taking another question from the audience.  And I think it's a pretty good question too because I haven't seen very many people talking...

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