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Team Members

Team Members

Meet Our Team Members

Our Team Members at C E Snyder Marketing LLC are our family.  But we treat our valued customers like family too. So we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves, with you.

Since it’s easier for people like you to work with someone you know, this page puts a human face on our growing agency. Meet the great folks that are working every day making good stuff happen for our clients. And who knows, maybe soon for you too.

Team Members: Charles E. Snyder III, CEO

Charles E. Snyder III, CEO of C E Snyder Marketing LLC
Charles E. Snyder III, CEO
C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Meet Charles – he is the Founder and CEO of C E Snyder Marketing LLC. But before he became the “Marketing Ninja” he was a veteran of the Fire Service for more than 30 years and another 8 years in Emergency Management. So we’re pretty sure that he’s a tad crazy; just ask Ann.

Also, when Charles is not working, he can often be found reading, taking classes, or playing some video games. Since 2016 he has also dedicated his spare time to his fiance’, Ann. In contrast, his other hobbies include playing jokes on Ann, military history, and writing a Science-Fiction novel.

Charles is the primary architect of our Vivid Vision. He is a 2022 graduate of the Billy Gene Is Marketing, Certified Advertising Geneius program. Also, Charles was named Student of the Year 2022, because he was always willing to do whatever it takes to help others succeed.

Favorite Quote: Make shit happen!

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Team Members: L. Ann Magnabe, Executive Assistant

L. Ann Magnabe, Executive Assistant and Account Manager in training.
L. Ann Magnabe, Executive Assistant
C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Meet Ann – she is an Executive Assistant with our agency.  Also, she graduated from business school and holds several Microsoft Office certifications too. But before she joined our Team Members in 2016, she was the manager of a busy Internet Cafe and Business Center for more than 5 years. Since joining our team, she has also begun training to become one of our first Account Managers.

Additionally, Ann is amazingly talented! She is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Tagalog and English as well as speaking several others. Her natural ability communicating with others makes her an invaluable member of our growing team of professionals.

Ann’s hobbies include spending quality time with her fiance’, Charles. She also enjoys playing with her two dogs Nyxhie and Lexus (the company mascots or fur babies), chatting with her family and friends, or even playing the occasional video game.

Favorite Quote: You crazy!

Team Members: Jethro “Jet” Magnabe, Virtual Assistant

Jethro "Jet" Magnabe, Virtual Assistant at C E Snyder Marketing LLC
Jethro “Jet” Magnabe, Virtual Assistant
C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Meet Jet – he is a new Virtual Assistant, joining our team in July 2022 after graduating high school. He is excited to join our team, learn new skills, and apply them daily to help our growing community of clients. But he also has plans to attend culinary school in the future.

Additionally, like his sister, Ann, Jet can read, write, and speak more than one language. He is fluent in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and English, to name just a few of them. So naturally, he is good at communicating and developing his interpersonal skills.

Jet’s hobbies include learning more about digital marketing, cooking, and spending time with his girlfriend. He is also fond of playing some of his favorite video games most days. But he also seems to enjoy annoying his sister, Ann, occasionally.

Favorite Quote: You give me brain bleed!

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