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February 2020 Updates

February 2020 UpdatesNews & Announcements: Since the end of 2019, we have been working on updating content on our blog as well as all of our other digital assets. Which of course includes more than 250 articles and videos on our website. Not to even mention the other work I have been doing since the beginning of 2019.

February 2020 Updates - News and Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Updated for 2020!

So the first thing is first; I know I haven’t shared a whole lot about what I have been working on. Since Thanksgiving Day 2018, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my agency. Mostly about our website, our content and getting more customers. Because of what happened.

I revealed some of that in News & Announcements – Major Content Changes, back in August 2019. But that article and video only just scratched the surface of what we have been working on. So just 10 days later, I also published Making Progress – Charles Snyder Raw #144, which goes more into some of the specifics.

But why should you be interested?

Well, for starters, this work-in-progress covers multiple topics. Some of which we have created content about as it applies to Digital Marketing. But I also believe that there is a lesson to be learned in all of this. Not the least of which I had to learn the hard way.

Anyway, my goal here is to share some of the details behind what we are doing as well as why we are doing it. In other words, my goal is to help you to avoid making some of the same mistakes I have made.

So on to what’s new…

As we are reaching the end of February, I am sharing where we are with the major content changes. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Roughly 70% of all content has been updated. Much of these updates have been in the form of spelling, grammar, and some SEO tweaks.
  • All of the 1 Minute Marketing Tips have been updated – including a new look for the banners and featured images are now active.
  • The Digital Marketing Basics Part 1 & Part 2 had major rewrites, Part 3 was added and they were all shared on social media for the first time.
  • I’ve published our first two Digital Marketing Case Studies to date. I am working on adding one or two more in March.
  • As I mentioned above, we syndicate all of our new and updated content on our social media pages. And we are working out the kinks to add Pinterest to that list of syndicated platforms.

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