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ROI Ninjas Christmas Sale – Digital Marketing.

ROI Ninjas Christmas Sale 2021Want to save money and make money? Click here now!

We’re doing it again! ROI Ninjas SaaS – a digital marketing suite of tools and automation – is on sale through the end of December 2021. Or at least until we hit our goal of helping 100 HVAC businesses grow their sales in the coming year. Because no one else is making life easier for small businesses, so we are changing that.

Digital Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - Helping you get more customers!

30-Days of Christmas Deals!

So here’s the deal; ROI Ninjas SaaS is on sale again and we’ve added some additional “stocking-stuffers” to add even more value. Our 30-Days of Christmas Wallet-Stuffer Savings may seem too good to be true, but it is. Also, we’re offering even more value with one-on-one coaching sessions with Charles, our CEO. Plus our HVAC Marketing Master Guide, ROI Ninjas SaaS T-shirts, and much more!

ROI Ninjas Christmas Sale: what’s in it for you?

Check it out, we’re stuffing even more value into our ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2:

ROI Ninjas SaaS Monthly

  • Save $200/month (regularly $497)
  • FREE Onboarding Setup ($599)
  • FREE HVAC Marketing Master Guide ($47)
  • FREE 15-Minute Stategy Call ($397)
  • FREE ROI Ninjas University Pass ($997)

ROI Ninjas SaaS Yearly

  • Save $3,000+/year (Regularly $5,964)
  • Prepay 10 Months, Get 2 FREE ($994)
  • FREE ROI Ninjas SaaS T-Shirt ($25)
  • FREE 30-Minute Strategy Call ($647)
  • FREE Marketing Guide, University Pass, etc.

But you can be sure if we think of more ways to add value to this incredible offer, we’ll do it. Because we want this to be the best damn deal you can find anywhere. Also, the bottom dollar is that ROI Ninjas SaaS works and it produces amazing results when deployed as described in our HVAC Marketing Master Guide.

However, this is for a limited time and is only authorized for the first 100 HVAC (or any small business) that subscribe now! So this is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just our initial push to promote ROI Ninjas SaaS was seen more than 21,000 times during November alone.

ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2 - Christmas 2021
30-Days of Christmas Wallet-Stuffer Savings – ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2!

ROI Ninjas SaaS University (COMING SOON)

Want to get the most out of your marketing and sales investment? Well, we are working on that too. Coming in 2022, we will be publishing new content strictly for ROI Ninjas SaaS users.

But the first of such content is publicly available in the form of a brief demonstration video. Because a much more thorough and detailed version is waiting for editing and a home in the Login Portal or dashboard. So there will be more news about that coming after the first of the new year.

However, if you want a brief overview, check out our recent article and video, ROI Ninjas Demo Video. You can also find a brief introduction video and the demonstration video on our 30-Days of Christmas Savings landing page – which was built inside of ROI Ninjas SaaS.

ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2 - Christmas 2021
30-Days of Christmas Wallet-Stuffer Savings – ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2!

ROI Ninjas Christmas Sale: but wait, that’s not all!

ROI Ninjas SaaS is a suite of powerful marketing and sales automation tools, all together in one place. But it also easily integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and more. However, you don’t have to log into a dozen different web pages and services; ROI Ninjas puts it all right at your fingertips.

Have a sales team, but not the time to track everything they do? ROI Ninjas SaaS allows you to remotely manage and monitor your sales team’s activities.

Are you manually following up with leads and appointments? ROI Ninjas SaaS reduces your workload by automating much of your follow-up sequences, scheduling, and appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.

Save time, effort, and money for yourself as well as your team with ROI Ninjas SaaS. But these are just a few of the many ways that ROI Ninjas SaaS will make your business life easier and more profitable! Reservations are filling up fast, so we strongly suggest that you get signed up right now! Click on the banner or link below to get started.

ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2 - Christmas 2021
30-Days of Christmas Wallet-Stuffer Savings – ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale Part 2!
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