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The Fart in the Jar

The Fart in the JarCharles Snyder Raw #33. I am so distracted right now. Since I began making these articles and videos, I try to focus on digital marketing. However, today I am so completely off-topic because of a practical joke.

The Fart in the Jar - Charles Snyder Raw #33: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!


What I’m talking about is that this video I begin about the same as I do with other “Raw” videos. But before I get too far into this episode, I lose it. Seriously, just thinking about the practical joke makes it impossible for me to keep a straight face.

What just happened?

So today I went about my usual routine of training my brain, on conference calls, etc. But during one of those calls, we were treated to a video of Casey Carroll being the victim of a practical joke. If you have no idea who he is, just know that I cannot do justice to the character that he is.

Just imagine the most high-strung, high-energy, squirrel overdosing on caffeine person you know of and you might be in the ballpark with Casey. He’s pretty damn good at marketing too.

Anyway, from what little bit I can remember, Casey and Billy Gene have been pranking each other for some time. This time around it was Billy and his team getting Casey back. And the results are friggin’ hilarious.

The Fart in the Jar for Casey

The video starts off with Casey receiving an unmarked package from Billy Gene. He opens it carefully like it might have an explosive in it, but all you can see is the top of a Mason jar. Casey carefully pulls it out of the box, again like he’s expecting it to explode or something.

But it’s an empty jar except for a piece of scrolled up paper, tied with a ribbon, inside. And the only thing visible on the scroll of paper is a single word, “Memories.”

Nervously, Casey gently removes the lid and then promptly put his nose inside of the jar! He jerked his head back, with a look of pain or disgust on his face, perhaps both judging from his reaction. But in between Casey dry-heaving, we find out that there was a special aroma left there by Billy.

As a result, after watching that, I have no damn idea what I was going to cover in today’s video.

The Fart in the JarCharles Snyder Raw #33
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