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Shyness Doesn’t Make Money

Shyness Doesn’t Make MoneyCharles Snyder Raw #58.  Since fear of public speaking is pretty high on most people’s lists, overcoming that fear is important.  In other words, you have to change your thinking to progress past that fear.  So if you don’t change your thinking, you’ll always be stuck where you are today.

Shyness Doesn't Make Money - Charles Snyder Raw #58: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Change your thinking!

Yes, that’s kind of bleak, but I’m not here to sugar-coat the truth. But over the weekend I was contacted by a woman in Maryland. So basically, her issue is that she doesn’t feel comfortable with being in front of a camera. In other words, she’s shy and wants to know another way.

The same old thinking = the same old results

I got on the phone with her and we chatted for a while so I knew a little about where she was coming from. So I asked a few questions to dig into her fear of public speaking and getting on camera. As a result, she soon realized that she was fearful of looking foolish in front of others.

So I shared with her some revelations from my own experiences; I was fearful too at one time. I admit when I first spoke publicly, I was fearful of what others may think of me. But I also realized that if I didn’t do something, nothing would ever change.

Shyness Doesn’t Make Money; the takeaway

However, things got a lot easier when I thought of getting on camera as if I were speaking to a friend. Instead of worrying about what 1,000 strangers MIGHT think of me. When I thought of it that way, things suddenly snapped into perspective and it got a whole lot easier.

Finally, I told her that if she made zero attempts at taking imperfect action, she would certainly get zero positive change in her business. Another way of looking at it that shyness has its roots in being selfish. Think about that for a minute; you are denying others your awesomeness because you don’t want to look foolish in front of them.

Shyness Doesn’t Make MoneyCharles Snyder Raw #58
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