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My Game Plan

My Game PlanCharles Snyder Raw #93.  So when I made this video on Monday, I planned to keep on schedule as much as possible.  Well at least going into next week anyway, but things are changing daily and I am once again behind. Since then, another monkey-wrench has been thrown in the works as my deployment in Alabama is coming to an end.

My Game Plan - Charles Snyder Raw #93: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Things will always change…

Since I recorded this episode, I’ve had some pretty hectic days. And I am only just now getting it published to our blog.  So much for my original idea of staying on my content creation schedule this week.

But I need to get ready to drive the work unit back to Thomasville, GA on Saturday. Of course, for me to do that, there’s a lot of preparation that must be done first. So it has also made me think twice about getting an RV when I retire.

Leaning forward

Regardless, I am caught back up on my content production schedule for now. However, I know from experience that the coming days will be very busy as I prepare to leave for home. That being said, I will keep recording some videos as I have the time. So when I get back home, all I will need to do is some editing and writing companion articles.

But as I take stock of where we are as an agency and looking at our content, there’s still the question of what to do about our old stuff. In other words, I am referring to hundreds of posts from my old blog about SEO, Content Marketing, etc. And what to do about it.

My Game Plan: Make Shit Happen!

So here are my thoughts on resurrecting them or more preferably an updated version. Since my SEO content was particularly popular, I am toying with some ideas. But more on that later after we finish cleaning up our current content.

In summary, my goal is to get back home so I can focus solely on my agency and marketing our services. But no worries, that includes content creation as well, so be sure to get subscribed to our website, social media channels.

My Game PlanCharles Snyder Raw #93
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