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ROI Ninjas Demo Video Screen Capture
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ROI Ninjas Demo Video – Digital Marketing. Not too long ago, we announced that our new flagship software and service, ROI Ninjas, was ready for prime-time testing. But we had yet to show it in action, its ease of use, or any of its key features and benefits. Because seeing is believing and it demonstrates value, which happens to also be the title of another forthcoming article and video.

ROI Ninjas Demo Video - Digital Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - Helping you get more customers!

See ROI Ninjas in action!

So that all changes right here and right now. We have painstakingly stuffed a lot into this video while keeping it as short and to the point as possible. There is simply too much to discuss, so everything in this video is just a super-fast overview of a few major things you can do with ROI Ninjas SaaS (Software as a Service). But there will be more in the coming weeks and months as we begin building user case studies.

ROI Ninjas Demo Video: A quick virtual tour

Starting off our virtual tour of ROI Ninjas, we look at the app dashboard. Here you will find important stats like how many opportunities you have, what their value is, and your closing percentage. But there are visual representations of this data too. Also, you’ll find a lead source report as well as connected Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google My Business data too.

So this video goes on to cover all of the major features of ROI Ninjas. However, it is just a super quick overview of our software and does not go into much detail. But it does hint at the incredibly powerful suite of tools that are included with each business subscription.

Here are some of the highlights of our new video demonstration:

  • Analytics integrations with Facebook and Google
  • Automation for email, text messaging, and voicemail
  • Builders for surveys, forms, and web pages/funnel pages
  • Unified communications for email, text messaging, and phone calls for each contact
  • And to use a corny infomercial phrase – there’s so much more!

Seeing is believing

Look, mere words alone can never capture the full experience that is ROI Ninjas. We invite you to watch the video as well as read this article. Because there is simply too much to our software and service to do it justice.

So take seven minutes and watch our brief overview. Since day one this has been about helping small businesses, like yours, to get more customers and make more sales. The bottom line is that if it doesn’t do what we say it does, we’re not going to be in business for very long.

ROI Ninjas Demo Video: Additional resources

The list of content that we are creating to support ROI Ninjas is growing. Here are some of the most relevant links:

Also, a lot more is on the way!

But you don’t have to wait, you can get started using it right now, sign up for ROI Ninjas SaaS today, and take your business to the next level.

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