Define Your Marketing Niche

Define Your Marketing Niche

Define Your Marketing Niche1 Minute Marketing Tips #17. Should I try to market to as many people as possible? So what is a ‘Marketing Niche’ and why do I need one? How do I define my ideal customer?

Define Your Marketing Niche - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #17 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!


First, all too often business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs make the big mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. And they don’t make any progress that way. Because marketing to as many people as possible is a common misconception you should avoid.

Don’t be vanilla!

Since your competition is probably making the same big mistake, you need to get smart about your marketing. Because if you don’t, you’ll keep on getting the same results your competition is getting. And that is the very definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over, while expecting better results.

So let me be abundantly clear, being a “Jack-of-all-trades” doesn’t work. Since a lot of similar businesses are marketing and advertising to as many people as possible, it’s up to you to get really focused. You can do this by defining who it is that you want to do business with. This is what we call a niche market.

For example, saying that you want home buyers, is a failure waiting to happen.  However, if you say you want African American men in their 30s that make $50,000 or more a year that want to buy a home; you got a pretty specific niche to work with.

Another example is my agency. Since I’ve been in business, I made that mistake for many years and wondered why I was struggling.  So once I got specific and said I wanted to work with a certain type of business person, things turned around for me.

Useful tools to Define Your Marketing Niche

So yes, define your marketing niche and develop your customer avatar; it’s a game-changer.  I firmly believe it will work just as good for you just as it has for my agency too. Here are some links to help you get started:

Define Your Marketing Niche1 Minute Marketing Tips #17
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