More Live Streaming Fails

More Live Streaming Fails

More Live Streaming FailsCharles Snyder Raw #68.  Since I am pretty sure that my cameras and equipment work, I think the Facebook Live Stream service hates me.  No seriously, I really think it’s odd that my phone works, but my computer and better cameras do not.  So I’m researching the problem some more and will share the solution if/when I find one.

More Live Streaming Fails - Charles Snyder Raw #68 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Can you say, Deja Vu?

Just like I had some issues that I discuss in Live Streaming Fail – Charles Snyder Raw #40; it has happened again. But this time around I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t because of equipment problems. So that just leaves a software issue or a connection problem as the culprit.

Working on my options

So to be honest with you, live-streaming hasn’t been a top priority up until now. And if I can be a little more honest with you, I’m re-thinking that. As a result, I am looking into various options for streaming live using two or more video sources.

However, for anything to be a great solution, I want to do the following:

  • Use video from multiple sources such as two or three cameras, sharing my desktop, etc.
  • Have the capability of adding overlays such as web addresses and logos as well as maybe some video effects.
  • It must have as many of these features in one solution that I can manage on the fly.
  • I must be able to see questions from the audience or have some form of chat feature too.
  • And I want to keep costs under $1,000 dollars for now.

Or maybe I just need to re-think how I want to use the live-streaming features of Facebook and YouTube. Hell, just a small, but decent 4-channel video mixer alone costs over $2,000!

So I’m not sure I want that sort of investment in even more equipment and software right now. At least not until I have a better solution for a home office with fast Internet access. Eventually yes, I will go that route. Just not right now, so the search for solutions continues.

More Live Streaming FailsCharles Snyder Raw #68

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