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My Brain Hurts

My Brain HurtsCharles Snyder Raw #64.  It’s training Tuesday for me and my brain hurts too.  I was trying to absorb it all, but it was an information overload today.  Since I have so much on my mind right now, I figure I would just cover some recent content today.

My Brain Hurts - Charles Snyder Raw #64: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Information overload!

Today, in my video, I discuss an overview of the various projects we are working on to date. Specifically, I talk about the future of the following:

Looking at the future

First, our 1 Minute Marketing Tips series of articles and videos have been revised, revamped and rebooted. I believe that the new videos are much cleaner and polished as opposed to the content created last year. So I hope you find them to be a lot more useful too.

Secondly, my Charles Snyder Raw articles and videos have had some minor changes as well. Not too long ago, I announced that I would simply create these videos and not worry about writing articles. But to be honest with you, I’m not completely happy with that choice either.

However, there is also a considerable time commitment to writing at least one full-blown article every single day. So now I have to make some tough choices about our content and focusing on our PPAs.

My Brain Hurts, but I have work to do

Last but not least, I know that we need to start focusing on more content that is going to lead to sales. Much of our recent content is not really geared that way and is changing too. So in the coming weeks and months, I will be working on promotional content that builds My Personal Brand.

So yes, that means that some of my choices made back during the creation of 50th Special Episode and Content Production Updates are null and void. Hell, as of the editing of this article (June 2020), I have written 70+ articles for videos that didn’t have one. So much for that idea…

Anyway, just always remember that a business without customers is just a very expensive hobby. So focus on your PPAs and have a great day!

My Brain HurtsCharles Snyder Raw #64
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