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Marketing Plumbing Updates

Marketing Plumbing UpdatesCharles Snyder Raw #135. I talked about “Marketing Plumbing” in a previous episode of 5 Minutes With Charles, which was published on 14 February 2018. It’s all good information, but the article and video are not the best compared to our content now. So here I will attempt to clarify what I am talking about.

Marketing Plumbing Updates - Charles Snyder Raw #135: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Keeping all our “ducks” in a row…

Since Thanksgiving 2018, I’ve been working on refining our agency website and web assets. So I can tell you from experience, this is a very lengthy and labor-intensive endeavor. Particularly when it comes to a uniform brand and sending a consistent message across all channels.

Clarity is everything

But uniformity across all media is more than just the same company name and logo on all of your social media. It’s also more than just selecting a few colors or images that match too. You also need to make sure that all of your links are working and going to the right location.

But most important of all, you need to make sure that your message is clear and concise. Clarity is a major factor in the success of any marketing campaign as well as building your brand. This is a fairly broad statement that implies a lot of moving parts that all play their role.

So there you have it – setting up social media with your company name and logo is a pretty easy skill to master. Literally, anyone can learn the skills required, if you have the time and patience. The real challenge is in the crafting of a message that resonates with your audience and applying it.

I’m referring to copywriting as well as content creation and if that were so easy, everybody would be doing it. But on the other hand, if marketing plumbing updates were so easy, there wouldn’t be any need for marketing agencies to exist.

SEO vs. Marketing

Last but not least, I also discuss the difference between SEO and marketing. Both have their role to play in driving traffic and hopefully sales too. But SEO is the long-term play that may or may not work, based on your content.

Can you pay your bills on hopes and maybes?

Regardless, marketing can deliver much more immediate and consistent results. Good marketing fills in those gaps during the slow months and allows you to actually plan ahead. Short term and for the long haul.

When was the last time that you knew for certain you were getting consistent referrals all year long?

Marketing Plumbing UpdatesCharles Snyder Raw #135
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