What Is Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing1 Minute Marketing Tips #11. Is it even any different than traditional marketing? Is it really that important for my business? What are the differences from online marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #11 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Got Customers?

Look, if you are like most entrepreneurs, you started a business with little or no thoughts about marketing. You wanted to pursue your passion, be your own boss and make a lot of money doing it. But there comes a time in every business that you may be wondering where are all the customers at?

When I first started out, I made a lot of costly mistakes. So one of the biggest was foolishly thinking that simply because I have a business, customers would magically fall from the sky. Since that doesn’t happen in real life, I soon had a rude awakening.

Marketing keeps customers coming into your sales funnel, filling in that void. It is truly the life-blood of every successful business on the planet! So it also helps tremendously with paying your bills as well as keeping the doors of your empire open too.

A simple definition of marketing is that it is a means of communicating a message to your intended audience. Your message works best when it is crafted with the consumer’s needs and desires in mind. So an even better analogy is thinking of it as telling a story with a purpose. And Digital Marketing is simply using tools such as the Internet, email and social media to deliver your message.

In Summary…

In other words, marketing is communicating to your potential customers. So all you have to do is craft a message that resonates with them, such as solving a problem or making their life easier. Digital marketing is communicating that message using the Internet.

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What Is Digital Marketing1 Minute Marketing Tips #11

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