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Testing A New Setup

Testing A New SetupCharles Snyder Raw #38. So today I am playing around with a new lighting ring and stand. I have been using a smaller light ring that you can clip onto a cell phone. However, as a result it did light up my face more, but it did nothing to remove the reflections and glare on my glasses.

Testing A New Setup - Charles Snyder Raw #38: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

It kind of works…

Anyway, I’m still using the same camera that I’ve been using since December. At least for now, but I am looking other cameras and sound solutions too. But my main focus is to improve the quality of my videos.

It sort of works the way I want it to.

But this isn’t just about lighting

I also cover some other stuff that helps to make our videos more interesting. For example I talk about props, backgrounds, sound, and even a little bit about green screens. And my green screen is something that I want to start using more than what I have been.

However, I also talk some about what not to do. For example, I talk about those douchey car and house videos that you in a lot of ads. You know the ones I’m talking about; some d-bag rents a Lamborghini and a mansion to tell you about how much money they makes doing no work at all.

Honestly, I hate those ads and I do not want to be associated with people like that. The ones that lie to a lot of people, taking their money, promising easy money.

Testing A New Setup: striving for awesome!

While we are striving to make our content better and better, keep in mind you can do the same. Everyone’s situation is different, but you can cover the basics for just a little money. For example, you can pick up a light ring and stand pretty cheap on Amazon.

However, I will say that I try to buy American no matter what. It may cost a few dollars more, but whatever it is in almost every case is of better quality and lasts much longer. And I refuse to buy anything from China!

Testing A New SetupCharles Snyder Raw #38
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