Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data RecoveryCharles Snyder Raw #28. So here I am back home again and I am dealing with a lot of stupid stuff. And by stupid stuff, I mean anything that isn’t a Profit Producing Activity (or PPA). Specifically, right now I am still dealing with the loss of data I had while in California.

Data Recovery - Charles Snyder Raw #28: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Time for more drastic measures!

Since my laptop took a crap on me while I was working on videos, it corrupted a lot of data on my main drive and backup drive. Talk about a double-whammy! And to top it all off, I lost at least videos and articles as a consolation prize.

This is the part where I do some cursing…

First, just in case you missed it, the past few articles and videos I have been talking more about computer problems than marketing. So here is what is happening so far:

So here I am, home for a couple of days now and I am still working on recovering from this computer disaster. But my whole point with this isn’t to simply complain about stuff breaking. I intend to demonstrate that sometimes shit happens and you need to be ready for it.

My Data Recovery “How-To” video

Anyway, the first step since it is a Seagate external hard drive, I am using the Seagate Recovery Program. But the first thing that came to mind is why does Seagate have a specific utility just for their drives? Is there that much of a problem with them that they needed this?

As a result, I am skeptical of how useful this $100 program is. Not to mention I am also not happy to now see that I am limited on the number of times I can use this program before I have to purchase another $100 license. So I wait to see what the results will be before I form my final opinion.

Data RecoveryCharles Snyder Raw #28
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