Facebook Ad Creation

Facebook Ad Creation

Facebook Ad CreationCharles Snyder Raw #64.  Since we finally got the Free Marketing Readiness Worksheet completed, we’ve started working on our ads for the campaign.  So for the hell of it, I share a time-lapse view of creating our campaign, ad set, and first ad.

Facebook Ad Creation - Charles Snyder Raw #64 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

FB ad creation from A to Z.

Do you want to look over my shoulder while I work?

The ‘nuts & bolts’ of a good campaign

So the first step is knowing your audience. Since we designed our new worksheet to be applicable to a lot of businesses; we need to define a better target. As a result, we had to thoroughly look at who would benefit the most from our simple tool.

Once we defined several potential target audiences, I then set about actually building out the campaigns. I went into our Facebook Business Manager and began that process. Also, that is basically where my video today starts from and I go through the entire process.

But I’m actually getting ahead of my process, so let’s back up just a little. After we defined several audiences to market to, I picked one and began developing the ad copy. Would you like to know why?

Facebook Ad Creation 101

Of course, you want to know! So here it is; once I know WHO I will be marketing to, writing ad copy becomes INFINITELY so much easier to do. And the same two-step process works for any kind of content creation from business blogging to writing ads.

Anyway, once I have the ad copy written, I then go to work on creating the landing pages and so on. Once all of that is finished, I go into our Facebook Business Manager and complete setting up the parameters of the campaign. So all I do during that part is specifying WHO I have crafted this entire thing for; our target audience.

Last but not least, here are the fruits of our labors; just click on the banner below to check it out and download our worksheet.

Facebook Ad CreationCharles Snyder Raw #64

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