The Age Of Video Marketing

The Age Of Video Marketing

The Age Of Video MarketingCharles Snyder Raw #65.  I stumbled upon an article on Entrepreneur’s website about video marketing.  So I talk about that article as well as a related one that basically says that you need to get ready.  But I have been saying for the past 10 years that you need video in your marketing.

The Age Of Video Marketing - Charles Snyder Raw #65 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

The “age of video is” already here!

Since 2008, I have been stating that video is huge and it’s here to stay. I was working on a web project for a customer when he came to me with a video. So he had it professionally produced and wanted to know my thoughts about putting it on his website. Always one for adventurous new things, I agreed and made it happen.

Video in marketing is amazing!

When Larry asked me to put his video on his website, I thought it was a cool idea. Since in 2008 you would’ve been hard-pressed to see videos anywhere other than social media or on some news websites. So very few businesses were using any video, much less having one on their website.

Anyway, the results were nothing short of eye-opening for both Larry and I. Also, the response that he was getting from his website visitors was all very positive. So I suggested to Larry that he do the same with some customer testimonials, it was sure to be a big hit too.

And it was! So Larry was soon getting even more kudos for the videos of his happy customers. Additionally, his testimonials were demonstrating value first to his potential customers. Which made it a lot easier for him to book even more business from them.

That’s when I knew that the “Age of Video Marketing” was already here! Since then I have been using that knowledge to my advantage.

The Age Of Video MarketingCharles Snyder Raw #65

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