What Are Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages1 Minute Marketing Tips #15.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what landing pages are all about and asking yourself some questions like these: So what is a landing page? How do I use them for my business? Are they really any different than other web pages?

What Are Landing Pages - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #15 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Less is more!

So first, let me paint a picture for you. I ask Ann, my fiancé, what she wants for dinner.  She’ll tell me she doesn’t care and to pick something.  I’ll make several suggestions, but none of them are to her liking.  And I think just about every guy understands my dilemma.

Since then, I’ve gotten smart about it and used my “Marketing Ninja” skills.  Instead of giving her too many choices, I’ll ask her what she wants on her pizza.  And she’ll tell me with little or no thinking about it. So no more hassles or confusion me and we’ll eat dinner much sooner.

Did you just catch what I did there?  So I’m using an analogy here, but the concept is the same either way. Instead of a website with way too many options, a landing page simplifies things for your potential customers.  Too many choices leads to confusion and confused people simply don’t buy!

So yes, landing pages are needed to make the choice an easy one for visitors.  In other words, too many options can be a major hurdle.  The more you remove hurdles for your customers, the more likely they are to buy from your business.

For the record

Last but not least, I no longer mind when Ann asks me to choose what’s for dinner. Since I pick something and ask her what she would like with it or what she would like with it. The same concept applies to marketing and landing pages.

What Are Landing Pages1 Minute Marketing Tips #15

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