What Is Marketing Plumbing

What Is Marketing Plumbing

What Is Marketing Plumbing1 Minute Marketing Tips #16. So what is ‘Marketing Plumbing’? Since technology is changing all the time, is this some sort of new platform? How is it used as part of my digital marketing?

What Is Marketing Plumbing - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #16 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Leaky Sales Funnel?

Your blog is your hub and your social media pages are your spokes. This is your ‘Plumbing’.

Dennis Yu, CEO BlitzMetrics

So my good friend, Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics says – ‘Personal Plumbing’ is basically connecting your website to your social media and back again.  Your website is the central hub and it’s what ties it all together. In other words, he’s referring to connecting your online presence across all platforms. It’s a way that people can follow links to your content and eventually to your product or service offerings too.

I agree with Dennis; your website is the single best option for connecting and sharing your content or offers.  So it helps with funneling people to your landing pages and your offer too.  Another way of thinking of it is this – ‘Marketing Plumbing’ is the links or connections that people follow from social media to your website or landing page.

Branding is making sure that all of your online assets reflect common elements such as your logo, your company colors and your message.  But having social media accounts on every available platform doesn’t do you any good if people cannot go to your offer or content. So be careful when anyone suggests that you don’t need a website for your business.

Fixing leaks in your funnel

So in summary, a website is an excellent means to manage all of your content. It is also a great avenue to drive cold traffic from social media to your website content. Since the concept of In-Bound Marketing is warming that audience up with content, linking your content to your landing pages are a smart idea.

Just keep in mind the biggest take-away here is having a website to manage all the content you are creating.

What Is Marketing Plumbing1 Minute Marketing Tips #16

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