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Larry W Testimonial

First, allow me to just say that working with Larry on several projects has been totally awesome. To clarify, he came to us with a clear vision of what he wanted and he also knew who his ideal customers are. The Larry W Testimonial is as much a direct reflection on his preparedness and ability to communicate as it is ours for delivering the goods.

Larry W Testimonial - I'm very happy!

I’m very happy…

For example, our first project for Larry started back in 2002; it went so well for him and us that we would soon end up working together again. In other words, we provided Larry with services on seven more major projects between 2004 and 2010. Since then we have provided services for perhaps a dozen or so minor updates and projects too.

So very few businesses back then had websites, much less one as classy as his flagship website we developed for Larry. Also, Larry’s main business website was pretty unique at that time, being one of the few that actually offered video and audio samples of his professional work. As a result, his business did VERY well!

In Larry’s own words…

“Thanks again.  The website looks and sounds great.  The presentation banners look GREAT!!!  I received this e-mail just yesterday from a photographer friend of mine:

‘Wowzer!  Fantastic site!  I loved everything about it.  Yes it is easy to navigate, simple yet informative.  Truly professional.  I’ve already sent the link to a bride who is looking for a DJ for her wedding in May.’

Again, great work.  I’m very happy with the site and I think it’s going to “rock the socks off” of just about every other wedding entertainment site out there.  Thank you so much for your help and hard work, Your Happy Customer.

Larry W. Testimonial

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