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Google Site Verification

Google Site VerificationCharles Snyder Raw #139. So I’m a little behind schedule with this article and video, but I’ve had a pretty good and very productive week. Since Monday, I was feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, but the last two days, things really turned around. Also, I had an engaging conversation with Robert and then I had an idea.

Google Site Verification - Charles Snyder Raw #139: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Are you verified yet?

I think it was Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, I posted a poll for fellow marketers and agency owners. So my idea was to basically find out what people really desired when it comes to Digital Marketing. Since the first hour it was posted, people began voting and I dug deeper.

Find a problem and solve it

But Thursday is when Robert responded and we chatted back and forth. My conversation with Robert was pretty straight-forward. I asked him what his pain-point was and he told me; getting the Google Website Verification code working on his website.

However, I know from experience that getting the code working can be a practice in frustration. So I invited him to hop onto a video conference call with me. But the irony was that it has been a while since I played with the verification, so I needed a few minutes to remember.

Anyway, once I had my bearings again, I walked Robert through the process of installing the verification meta tag. First I had him install a simple plugin for WordPress called the Google Site Verification plugin. Secondly, I had Robert go to Google and copy the tag directly from their page. Lastly, I had him paste the meta tag into the plugin and click on the “Save” button.

Google Site Verification: success!

Robert went back and selected the proper form of verification from the Google page and then he clicked on the ‘Verify’ button. Boom, it worked just like that! Which, after I finally remembered, it ended up being fairly painless for Robert and I made a quick video out of the session.

But not before I had to scratch my head a time or two, trying to remember the process. Yet it got done and Robert is a happy camper. Success!

Google Site VerificationCharles Snyder Raw #139
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