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Memorial Day 2017

Since it is Memorial Day 2017, take a moment out of your weekend to remember. Honor our men and women of the armed forces that never got to come home. So remember them because they fought for and paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedoms we have today.

Memorial Day 2017 - Remember our veterans that sacrificed everything for our freedoms!

Memorial Day 2017

First, as a business owner, I believe it is important to recognize the personal sacrifices that all veterans have made. So especially for the ones that laid down their lives for our freedoms. Since freedom isn’t free, I feel it’s very important to honor those that paid for it.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that this is a somber occasion. I get a little annoyed whenever someone wishes me a “Happy Memorial Day” – there’s nothing happy about it. I feel it’s kind of like saying “Hey, let’s celebrate having a family member die.” So I’m pretty sure that most people don’t say or think that sort of way.

Regardless, this Memorial Day weekend when we are at our cookouts and watching parades, remember those that made it possible. Put aside a moment to reflect on their impact on your life, your freedoms. And dare I say, offer up a little prayer of thanks for them as well as those that continue to serve our nation. Because the numbers are staggering!

Memorial Day 2017 - All US Military Deaths - Source: PBS News Hour, U.S. Depart of Defense Veteran Affairs
Memorial Day 2017: All US Military Deaths (as of 2015) – Source: PBS News Hour & U.S. Depart of Defense, Bureau of Veteran Affairs

Enjoy your weekend

So yes, enjoy the weekend, the cookouts, the parades, the time with family and friends. Just keep in mind what it is really all about – a memorial to all those that gave up their lives for our freedoms. For you and me and our great nation. Next week we’ll be back with more great content in our Digital Marketing Blog.

Memorial Day 2017 – Honoring those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom

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