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Practice Often & Frequently

Practice Often & Frequently – Charles Snyder Raw #31. Since publishing a couple of articles and videos about Toastmasters, today I want to revisit. So what I had in mind is that public speaking helps on multiple levels, was talking about one form of immediate feedback. Because it helps with sales, creating content, and more.

Practice Practice Practice - Charles Snyder Raw #31: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Record yourself.

Anyway, as I cover in Practice Public Speaking and More On Toastmasters, it’s a great way to get over your fear of public speaking. Also, I feel it is a great tool to get used to speaking on video too. In other words, record yourself doing your Toastmasters exercises. And have fun with it.

Get out of your head; focus on your audience

So the concept I am talking about here is recording your speeches, your sales calls, etc. And then you go back, watch the videos to see where you’re making mistakes.

Personally I find it to be extremely valuable. I am able to review how I am coming across to my customers and my audience. Additionally, it’s an awesome way to improve your delivery.

But just keep in mind as you are tempted to cringe at how you look or speak, someone out there needs your expertise. Remember that creating content like videos or making sales calls is not about you.

Hone your public speaking skills

So I’ve already told you stories about my time as a fire chief and how I draw more than a few parallels with digital marketing. Repetition develops muscle memory and it also becomes ingrained in your brain. In other words, the more you speak publicly or on camera, the more it becomes second nature to you.

As a result, when you speak publicly or on camera or even over the phone, you don’t have to worry about how you are presenting yourself. When you free up your mind from fussing over the details, you become free to shine. In other words, you are more mindful of the present and your audience instead of how you look or sound.

And that’s the sweet spot that you want to be in!

PracticeCharles Snyder Raw #31
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