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Landing Page Problems

Landing Page ProblemsCharles Snyder Raw #59.  Sometimes, things just don’t work and it’s a HUGE part of why I always test before publishing.  So as luck would have it, I ran into some more issues with the forthcoming Free Marketing Readiness Worksheet.

Landing Page Problems - Charles Snyder Raw #59: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

If it can go wrong, it may!

As a result of past experiences, I always double-check my work by testing everything. So it helps that I also have a system in place for how I build and test all of our funnels. I do the same thing every time to make sure that everything is working properly.

Squashing the gremlins

First, the “gremlin” holding everything up was the illusion of perfection. Specifically, I kept making little changes to our worksheet which only delayed us from getting it published. So it’s my own fault and I finally said enough is enough, we need to move forward.

Second, we wasted an entire day basically because I couldn’t find a piece of camera equipment. I had just recently ordered a camera shoe to attach a camera to our new ring-light and I couldn’t find it. Since I was paying some folks to help me, we got some other video projects done instead.

And the list goes on to include technical issues, equipment malfunctions, etc. All of which were more delays for one reason or another.

Landing Page Problems and solutions

So Sunday I ended up shooting the video for the worksheet by myself. And as I was editing it, I noticed that the ring-light made it look like I was about to choke someone out. However, as much as I wanted to shoot the video again, I just ran with it.

Finally, when I put it all together and published the landing page, it didn’t work when I tested it. So then I spent the majority of Monday working with one of our service providers, trying to resolve the issue. But the moral of my story is that sometimes you just need to make shit happen. And always, always test it!

Landing Page ProblemsCharles Snyder Raw #59
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