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Our YouTube Process

Our YouTube ProcessCharles Snyder Raw #40. So with nothing too pressing on my mind today, I wasn’t sure what to cover. I’ve been working on a bunch of videos lately, so I talk about that. Specifically, I share some of the processes I follow when publishing new videos to our YouTube Channel.

Our YouTube Process - Charles Snyder Raw #40: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Develop systems!

But I guess the main idea here, at least for today, is demonstrating the need for having systems. For example, these articles are a system that I made so I can create content quickly. I have systems for creating our different kinds of videos as well.

Why create systems for everything?

Because you can hand over a job or project to someone with a system and be fairly certain of the outcome. So the more work you put into refining your systems, the more certain you can be of the outcomes. Also, the more likely that you can train someone else to do it for you.

On the other hand, without any systems in place, how can you be certain of the outcome? Better yet, how can you be certain that the job will even get done at all, much less with the desired outcome? You simply can’t.

Our YouTube Process is one of our systems

Creating systems to do something in a consistent manner is just smart. I had no idea until I put two and two together and then things became so much easier to accomplish. Since discovering that, things such as writing ads, scripts, and articles as well as recording videos are much quicker now.

Finally, creating a system of how I create videos has allowed me to get much faster at that as well. So today’s video is just a tiny glimpse into that method of publishing. Also, it has given me the time I need for my PPAs (Profit Producing Activities), such as prospecting and pitching new customers.

Are you creating systems in your business? If not, why not?

Our YouTube ProcessCharles Snyder Raw #40
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