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Seagate Sucks

Seagate SucksCharles Snyder Raw #29. So as I have been sharing in the past several articles and videos, I have been having some major issues with my laptop. Additionally, all of my files, notes, articles, and videos are in limbo too. Maybe I need not say it, but this entire situation makes me sick in my stomach!

Seagate Sucks - Charles Snyder Raw #29: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

You get what you pay for!

About four months ago, I purchased two 4TB external USB 3.0 hard drives. Both are Seagate Backup Plus drives and of course, they’re also made in China. Which I am not a fan of and I have had nothing but problems with these drives since day one.

You may color me unhappy

In the last 20 or so years of using computers, I have never had drives fail this badly and this quickly. So yes, I am completely unimpressed with Seagate, especially since they bought out and discontinued Maxtor. Now those hard drives are built to last; I have about a dozen that are now 15+ years old and still work.

So now I have lost more than a week of work as well as several videos, articles, and associated images. In addition to that, I have also lost at least one marketing campaign that I have been working on, possibly more. As a result, I am now behind schedule and need to make up for lost time.

Seagate sucks and I’ll never buy them again

Since I have lost a week’s worth of work and a few thousand dollars worth of content, I’ll never buy Seagate again. I just picked up a Western Digital external 4TB hard drive for now, because that was the only option other than Seagate. I’ll see how that works for now.

However, when I’m back on schedule, I will take nothing but Toshiba drives with me as I travel. I have used Toshiba drives in the past and they have been reliable. They tend to be more expensive than other drives on the market, but they also tend to last much longer too.

Anyway, as I discuss in Data Recovery – Charles Snyder Raw #28, I bought the Seagate data recovery program. But it didn’t recover all of the missing files, folders, videos, etc. So the $100 for the program is a waste of money too as far as I am concerned.

Seagate SucksCharles Snyder Raw #29
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