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Memorial Day 2016

Throughout the history of the United States of America, it has fallen to a few to protect our freedoms. Since 1776, more than one million of them gave their lives in service to our country. Memorial Day 2016 is the time to honor their sacrifice and pay tribute to their legacy.

Memorial Day 2016 - Remember our veterans that sacrificed everything for our freedoms!

Memorial Day 2016

So each year I try to take some time out of my schedule and life to reflect on what they did and what it means to me. I have a business today because a relatively few people fought for what is right and lost their lives for their troubles. In my opinion, there simply aren’t enough words to thank them.

Back when I was a firefighter and fire chief, I always emphasized the department’s participation in community events. So every year I made it a point for my firefighters to also observe Memorial Day. Naturally this included Memorial Day parades too.

First, we as a fire department would make every effort to make sure our fire trucks were clean. Since most fire trucks (including ours) have a lot of chrome and aluminum, I can tell you it’s no small task. So it would take us week or so in between emergencies and other duties to finish.

Second, there always seemed to be someone new that wanted to participate in the actual parade. We always made it a point to purchase a reef for placement at the Unknown Soldier moment in the center of town. So we would all get off of the trucks, stand at attention, saluting as the reef was placed.

Since I had to give up firefighting, I also no longer wear the uniform of a fire chief. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to pay my respects to them. Here’s a little bit about why I had to give up being a firefighter.

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