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Marketing Plumbing

Marketing Plumbing5 Minutes With Charles #44. Over the past two weeks, there is a rising number of questions about the previous two episodes. Specifically, the posts How To Find Customers Online and Building Your Marketing Foundation – 5 Minutes With Charles #42 & #43, respectively. So here is some more information.

Marketing Plumbing - 5 Minutes With Charles #44 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Time for an analogy!

But first, think of a wagon wheel with its major parts like the rim, spokes, and hub. All are integral components that make up the entire wheel. So if any component or parts be missing or broken, the whole wheel will fail.

The Digital Marketing “Wagon Wheel”

Staying with the analogy of the wagon wheel above, your landing pages or website are the hubs. The hubs are what holds everything together. So they also make it easier for your business to move forward.

However, the hub alone is quite useless and requires more to be effective. So you need ads and content that your audience finds appealing; this is your rim. Also, you need spokes to hold the rim and the hub together; your spokes are your links from ads and social media posts.

Marketing Plumbing: putting it all together

So what does plumbing have to do with wagon wheels? It’s simple actually. The spokes of the wagon wheel, your links from posts and ads, are your Marketing Plumbing. Your ads and content get attention so that the links funnel them to your offer or website.

But you can make your wheels stronger by adding more links. For example, having a Facebook business page that links to your website and blog. Additionally, the same applies to your content, your social media posts, and your advertising. Each one should have a link to your website, post, or landing page.

Since you’re already going to be at it, make sure that your Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter business accounts also link back to your website. More links = more marketing plumbing = stronger marketing wheel!

Marketing Plumbing5 Minutes With Charles #44
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