Success Reality Check

Success Reality Check

Success Reality CheckCharles Snyder Raw #116.  So I’ve been thinking today, about the never-ending parade of “gurus” with a system to sell.  However, almost every single one of them claim you can make millions if you just give them your money.  Since the latest wave of hacks have crashed into our lives, I’ve yet to find one actually mentioning the truth.

Success Reality Check - Charles Snyder Raw #116 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Keep it real!

I know that success takes work in the form of dedication and learning over the course of years.  Yes, I just said a four-letter word, W-O-R-K!  You know that un-fun thing that everyone must do to realize success, but so very few “gurus” ever talk about.  Marketing takes work, content creation takes work, growing a business takes work and yes that means success takes work too!

Will Smith talks about how so many people want success, but so few are willing to do what it takes.  In the video that we posted in our private Marketing Ninja Group on Facebook, he talks about sacrifice.  In fact, I think his quote is so good in the video, I’ll share it here:

“Self discipline is the center of all material success.”

Will Smith

He goes on to talk about getting control of your own mind and doing what you need to do to realize your dreams.  But I won’t divulge the whole video here, just check it out and think about what he says.  I believe it is a powerful message that everyone needs to hear. Especially since many of the “gurus” out there never teach it.

Some self-reflection

So on a personal note, I have been thinking about what Will Smith had to say and how it applies to me. Or more precisely how I can use that principle in my own life and business.

Success Reality CheckCharles Snyder Raw #116

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