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Strategic Consulting Partners

Strategic Consulting PartnersMarketing Case Studies 002. So here is another local business (to me), that I was invited to like and follow on Facebook. But instead of just doing that, I believe in delivering value too. Since that is my belief, here is my next business review.

Strategic Consulting Partners: Digital Marketing Case Studies by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Leveling up!

First of all, Monica invited me to like her Facebook business page. So let me just say upfront that her page and website look very clean and professional. It is all nicely done, as it should be; you did good, Monica.

Some quick and easy wins

However, while Monica’s presence is a good start, I did notice a few things that she is missing and is hurting her company. In fact, this “low-hanging fruit” can benefit any business looking to level up their branding and social media marketing game. Check it out:

  • Team Members – You have a pretty defined team members section on your website, but not on your Facebook business page. Add those team members to your social media pages.
  • Social Proof – Getting more fans and followers is a good thing because it influences a lot of people. Find ways to create valuable content and encourage more folks to follow your business.
  • Create Content Consistently – This is probably one of the most often missed content marketing points. I noticed that your most recent post was from November of last year. So one thing you can do to make it easier is to develop a content creation calendar.

Major roadblocks to generating more sales

Since we are on the subject of leveling up your marketing game, here are some additional hurdles to overcome. As a result, you should see significant positive changes with these recommendations. Here are the top three I see:

  • Video – Video is HUGE when it comes to social media, so the same goes for social media marketing! I saw precious little video on your Facebook page as well as your website. Monica, at the bare minimum, you as president of the company should be on a short intro video.
  • Automation & Chatbots – As part of your efforts to increase social proof, you may wish to also consider how automation and chatbots can play a role. Are you capturing information every time someone interacts with your online assets? Are you able to retarget them once they leave?
  • Marketing = Branding = Marketing – In other words, your marketing ads ARE your branding. How many people did you ask yesterday to buy your services? How many people will you ask today? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is “not enough.” You need to run some ads to generate potential leads and get your name out there.

Recommended articles and videos

Here are a few recommendations for additional reading or watching, related to the issues I shared above.

Recommended services for Strategic Consulting Partners

Monica, the best recommendation I have for you is to invite you to set up a time to chat with us about your business. I see several opportunities for you to improve your social media presence as well as boost your sales this year. But in order to make the most relevant that will produce results, I need to learn more about your business.

All anyone would need to do is click on the text-link above or on the banner below. Just fill in your minimal contact information and then you’ll see my online scheduling calendar. Let’s chat soon because I’m excited about your possibilities!

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