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October 2020 Updates

October 2020 UpdatesNews & Announcements. Since I have been on deployment from late August until the end of October, I’ve been busy. Busy helping the survivors of Hurricanes Laura, Beta, and Delta in Louisiana. But sadly, those folks were battered yet again when Hurricane Zeta hit.

October 2020 Updates - News and Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Back home and back to work!

However, I was already in Fort Worth, Texas turning in my assigned unit when the latest hurricane came ashore. And the entire 60+ days I was working there, I didn’t have any days off and very little time for my agency. So what time I did have, I spent it keeping an eye on our customer accounts.

But we still made a little more progress.

Progress made since September 2020

First, it’s my fault that I did not get more done this past month. But I did manage to squeeze in some time working on some back-end stuff. Most important of which was to do some more fine-tuning to speed up our site.

Second, I did finish up another Digital Marketing Services page for our Copywriting service. Well, the copy is there, but I still need to add some images and links to make it complete. So the information you want is there, just think of it as a soft release.

Third, I found some errors on the other completed service pages. So I went back into each of them and made corrections. I still have some work to do there and I will be working on that in the next few days.

In conclusion, our project for updating and refreshing all of our content is roughly 61% complete. That is just our articles and videos that have been published to date. But, even more, will be done in November.

October 2020 Updates: making sh!t happen!

So next on the agenda is working on our growing Digital Marketing category. Currently, there are sixteen articles and about as many videos in there. But the nice thing is that about half of them are current, requiring only minimal editing and updates.

Also, as I wrote about last month, November is going to see new content coming your way. But instead of talking about what may or may not be, I’ll cover what does happen in the November 2020 Update. So until then, keep making shit happen in your business and marketing.

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