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Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019Charles Snyder Raw #134. So I’ve been back home for about a week before Christmas. Since then, I’ve been sick for the better part of 10 days. I’m feeling much better now, aside from a few sniffles and sneezing, so it’s time for me to get back to work.

Happy New Year 2019 from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC!

Happy New Year 2019!

But there’s been other things going on which delayed me from wishing you all a Happy New Year 2019 until now. Better late than never, right? Anyway, I wanted to cover a few things that happened in 2018 and take a look at where we are going in 2019.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about

First, I want to revisit my previous comments about these articles and videos in Charles Snyder Raw. Currently, I’m considering publishing one ‘Raw’ video per week in 2019. This will allow me to free up time for sales and marketing for my agency, which is my top priority moving forward.

Secondly, I wanted to also say that the 1 Minute Marketing Tips will resume next week. Again my plans are to publish one of these videos and articles each week in 2019. So my plan is ‘1 Minute Marketing’ videos and articles published on Tuesdays, except for holidays.

Since that got me thinking, ‘Raw’ videos and articles are now published on Thursdays, except for holidays.

Our vision for the future

Moving right along, in the video I also discuss additional content that I want to tackle in 2019. For example, I want to create at least one more video to go into Our Why category. I would like to publish three of them for Ann too, but she doesn’t like getting in front of the camera. She’s shy like that.

Regardless, I’m already working on updating our company introduction video as well as our web assets. In fact, back in September before I got deployed, I already filed the paperwork for our business name change. Of course, that means lots of little changes across all of our social media, website, etc.

So cue the drum-roll, I have decided that we will go with C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC. I feel that it has a nice ring to it.

Happy New Year 2019Charles Snyder Raw #134
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