Re-Branding Your Business Takes Time

Re-Branding Your Business Takes Time

Re-Branding Your Business Takes TimeCharles Snyder Raw #7. As the fog and sleepiness left my brain this morning, I found myself puzzled.  I was both alarmed and confused as to why my company’s website had so little attention from Google.  So to be more specific, why only 3 out of 80 some of my pages and posts were getting Google-love.

Re-Branding Your Business Takes Time - Charles Snyder Raw #7 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Oh yeah…

I frantically checked my website for some possible missed configurations and errors but found none.  After almost an hour of trying to figure out the problem, I remembered that I basically changed everything. So as far as Google and the other search engines were concerned, we have a new site.

History repeats itself

I have actually been through all of this before. With my own website and with a number of client websites too.  Switching a website from one domain to another is not that different from starting a completely new website.  At least, in the beginning, I found that it isn’t that much different anyway.

As a result, Google, Bing, and Yahoo have their own timetable for things changing as far as your website is concerned.  Even if you are redirecting traffic from the old domain to the new one, it can take some time. Since every page and post must be re-indexed. So things may get some shuffling around in search engine results too.

You have to wait for the search engine spiders to hit your new website and do their thing.  Then you have to wait some more as they spider your site and they rarely get everything in one shot.  As your website gets spidered, you then have to wait a bit longer for the search engines to decide what to list in search results and what not to.

However, slowly and but surely, your new website replaces the old one in search engine results pages. So you only have two options while all this is going on. First, wait it out and deal with the delays. Second, is with doing some marketing and advertising.

Doing some Marketing puts you on the fast-track to getting more website traffic and more customers.

Re-Branding Your Business Takes TimeCharles Snyder Raw #7

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