SEO Simply Defined

SEO Simply Defined

SEO Simply Defined1 Minute Marketing Tips #9.  You may be wondering what SEO is and why so many people talk about it.  So if you have ever done an Internet search, I know you found an overload of information.  But who has time to wade through hundreds of pages in books and websites and differing opinions or just as many hours of tutorials?

SEO Simply Defined - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #9 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

SEO: Little changes add up!

When it comes to running a business, nobody has that kind of time to learn it all on their own.  Or do they?

Take it one day at a time…

First, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and my easy definition is that it means optimizing your content for search engines.  Since SEO is based on content, you must first have content in order for SEO to do you any good.  So forget about “SEO-guru” so-and-so, SEO only works when you have content.  And anyone that tells you differently is only looking for a sucker to separate from their money.

Ideally, you optimize your content as you create it and covering the basics will put you ahead of the curve.  For example, pick one keyword or phrase and use that as your title, main headline and several times throughout.  You will want to make your pages and post at least 300 words in length, at a minimum.  This is so that search engines are able to properly index your content and how it should rank.

Also, be sure to add some interesting or at least relevant images to your pages and posts.  Adding your keyword or phrase to the title and “Alt” tags will be seen by search engines.  I would also recommend adding some links to related content on your website as well as other sites.

SEO ain’t rocket science, but it is work!

Granted I am sharing a very simplified version of SEO and what it involves.  Search engine optimization can be a little complicated and time-consuming, but it can also be done effectively with some effort.  So just keep in mind that as business owners, we like to complicate the hell out of things.  I say just take SEO one step at a time and you’ll get the hang of it.

SEO Simply Defined1 Minute Marketing Tips #9
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