Email Signatures

Email Signatures

Email Signatures1 Minute Marketing Tips #2.  Since I am talking about practical and tactical marketing tips, today I share one of the best.  Your signature is one of the most overlooked details that you can easily change today. So the best part is that it’s quick and easy to do.

Yes it’s important to add your name, phone number and business name.  So why not add your website address, blog and logo too?

Email Signatures - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #2 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Quick and easy to do!

Another variation that I have used is adding a professional picture to my email signature.  Since marketing is about building relationships, adding a photo will make it much more personal.  So make it a professional photo or preferably one that conveys your personality.  And it’s OK to have several different signatures depending on the circumstances or your reason for sending the email.

For example, we use several different ones depending on who is sending the message.  They include personal signatures for both Ann and I as well as a general-purpose company signature.  As we continue to grow and add more team members, the number of different signatures will grow too.

So you could even have several generic email signatures for each department or division of your company. Kind of like a signature for customer service and another for your sales team. It’s really up to you.

How to do it

Creating a signature is actually pretty easy to do.  Depending on the program you are using for email, the exact steps differ, but the concept is the same.  If you are capable of using a program like MS Word or equivalent, you can create a signature using your email program’s tools.  Once you have created the signature, save it and give it a unique name, repeating the same steps for each unique email account.

Just remember that the more signatures you create per account, the more complicated business becomes.  So try to limit the number of signatures for each of your business email accounts.

Last but far from least, be sure to comment on our videos and ask your questions. I will take questions from the audience and turn them into future episodes of 1 Minutes Marketing Tips.

Email Signatures1 Minute Marketing Tips #2

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