1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted

1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted

1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted1 Minute Marketing Tips #1.  So I have been talking about this series of videos quite a bit since December 2017.  Not to even mention the first abortive attempt I made back in August 2017 – Get Attention Quickly.

1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #1: one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

Revised for 2018!

Since my first video pretty much sucked, I’ve been wanting to revisit this concept.  But I got deployed to Texas during Hurricane Harvey and the project got placed on hold until the beginning of 2018. So check it out; here’s the much better version of my vision that I first announced in Relaunching 1 Minute Marketing Tips – Charles Snyder Raw #63.

Leaning forward into our future

Anyway, this time around I wanted to create an introduction to the series and share the basic premise.  So I also wanted to keep the videos short, simple, and easy to understand.  One minute, one topic, one thing you can use to improve your marketing and your sales today.  Easy enough, right?

So this article and video are kind of like my “do-over” on the whole series.  My goal is to provide useful information and to do so in an entertaining way.  Also, I want to keep these videos very tactical in nature – solutions to common marketing problems.

So in other words tools and tactics you can use right now to improve your business marketing and sales.  In summary, that’s what this series of videos is all about.

1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted, the plan

My plans are pretty basic, but they cover a wide variety of topics that all relate to marketing.  I will be discussing actionable items from email to text messaging and websites to social media.  Also, my videos will address business blogging, content creation and so much more.

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Last but far from least, be sure to comment on our videos and send in your questions.  I will take questions from the audience and turn them into future episodes of 1 Minutes Marketing Tips. How awesome is that?

1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

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