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Get Attention Quickly1 Minute Marketing Tips #0

Get Attention Quickly1 Minute Marketing Tips #0. We are in the information age and everything is moving faster! Since everyone is being constantly bombarded with information, you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s interest!  So you need to get noticed fast and keep their interest long enough to give your pitch.  Because if you don’t get right to the point, your potential customers are going to go elsewhere.

Get Attention Quickly - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #0: one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

You have just 3 seconds…

So here’s the deal. More and more marketing studies are showing that you have just three seconds to get someone’s attention.  What I mean is that it’s just three seconds to get them interested in your content or offer.  But that isn’t a whole lot of time when you really think about it.

So what can you do?

I’m talking about ads on social media, videos on YouTube, or even just your website loading speed. So if it takes you longer than three seconds to get to your point, people are swiping or scrolling on to the next thing. Additionally, the same principle applies to your landing pages, blog, and website.

First, for starters, you have to get creative and apply that to your content, videos, and ads.  For example, you can bring a lot of energy by smiling and being genuinely excited about what you are doing.  Believe me, that kind of positive energy shows through in what you are doing and the camera will capture it.

Another sure-fire way is to just relax and be yourself on camera.  Be entertaining and be authentic, that will do more to attract like-minded people to you.  But always entertain and educate people, that’s how you build a huge following of loyal fans.  When people identify with your brand, then you are doing it right!

Get Attention Quickly: more to come!

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1 Minute Marketing Tips – one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

PLEASE NOTE: This was my first attempt at making my 1 Minute Marketing Tips videos and articles back in August 2017. I knew I could do a much better job and after some delays, that’s exactly what I did in 2018. So I kicked off with 1 Minute Marketing Tips Rebooted – I believe you’ll find them to be much more polished, professional, and helpful.

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