Target Your Niche

Target Your Niche

Target Your Niche1 Minute Marketing Tips #20. Have you ever wondered why it seems like your competition has an unfair advantage? Why do some businesses seem to effortlessly get more customer than they can handle? So the real tough question becomes, why aren’t you doing just as good or better?

Target Your Niche - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #20. - one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

It ain’t rocket-science!

Since we covered the basics in the last three episodes, I want to take you a step further. Specifically, I share in this video how I put it all together and create successful ad campaigns on social media. So I also share my simple three-step process for getting more leads for my customers. And it works like a dream (for the most part) every single time!

Three minutes worth watching

But just in case you’ve missed them, here are the three previous episodes to which I am referring to:

My easy 3-step method to marketing madness

So here is my simple and easy three-step process for crafting winning online ad campaigns. Create an ad that grabs attention, send them to a landing page to entice their interest and capture information, then I make the sale. The simplified version that I use in the video is simply: Ad -> Capture -> Sell.

However, you’ll never get to the selling part unless you have clarity on who you are selling to. Since everything hinges on knowing your audience, you have to start there first. Since you know WHO you are targeting, it becomes a lot easier to write ad copy and create videos that sell themselves.

Target Your Niche or fail

So if you don’t, I can pretty much assure you that your ads won’t work or you’ll have extremely high costs-per-leads. As I say in this video, it’s kind of like shooting while blindfolded, in the dark and with your eyes closed while riding a roller coaster, trying to hit a moving target. It’s damn near impossible to do. You may get lucky, but the odds are you won’t!

Target Your Niche1 Minute Marketing Tips #20

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