Some Tough Choices

Some Tough Choices

Some Tough ChoicesCharles Snyder Raw #136.  I am doing a lot of thinking lately, pretty much since I got back from the Philippines.  My fiance Ann, our dreams together, my business, my goals and what I have to do to achieve them.  So I am also thinking about being more productive, not just busy and making better progress.  Since I am late publishing this article, I have been thinking about that a lot too.

Some Tough Choices - Charles Snyder Raw #136 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

It’s my own damn fault!

First and foremost on my mind are three very important commitments that I have, well committed to.  Two of my commitments for customers and my agency are outlined in my Vivid Vision that was published in January 2018.  So my commitment to Ann, while not often talked about, is there just the same.  And I take all three very seriously.

Anyway, I am finding it hard to fulfill my promise to take care of Ann while I am not making any progress toward the other two goals.  In order to keep my promise to Ann, I need to grow my business and I have been neglecting that.  And as I say in “Red, White & Boo-Hoo” (article removed), it’s all my own damn fault.

So now I must focus on growing my agency, which means finding more customers and creating Digital Marketing Case Studies.  I know that in order to do that, I need to focus on marketing and sales right now.  And by that, I mean focusing on growing my agency so that I can hire some more help in the near future.

All for a better future

But in order to achieve my goals, I also need to make Some Tough Choices now.  I believe that I really have to choose what to leave in and what to leave out.  Maybe I can restart these videos later on.

So it is what it is my friends – I must change gears for now and focus on growing my agency.  In order to do that I need to spend less time on content creation and more on prospecting.  And I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach.

Some Tough ChoicesCharles Snyder Raw #136

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