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The Death of Text?

The Death of Text?Charles Snyder Raw #16. So over the weekend, I found this little bombshell. I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed when I saw a contact had shared a link. It was for an article titled, Welcome to the Post-Text Future, published in the New York Times.

The Death of Text? - Charles Snyder Raw #16: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!


In summary, the article is subtitled as a “State of the Internet” and goes on to offer quite a bit of unsubstantiated opinion. The author of the article covers trends from the past decade or so. He then goes on to speculate what the future will look like based upon a few extreme examples. And, I will add, not based upon practical experience.

But what does the New York Times know?

In a word, nothing. So to qualify that, I will first state that I have been saying since 2006 that video is going to be the next big thing. Almost no websites were using video back then, but I took note of the impact it had on website traffic.

Secondly, Google and the other search still index your content based on text. So again, the author of the article did little or no research on the topic. Much like they do on a lot of other topics, offering more opinion and half-assed research than anything resembling facts. Much less an informed opinion at that.

The Death of Text? Not any time soon!

Since the NYT article is only about 15 years behind the times (yes, pun intended), you can ignore it. But for those that did read it and have been concerned ever since, don’t be. Google, the mother of all search engines, still clearly states that the best way to get something indexed is with text.

So my biggest recommendation for anyone looking at the NYT for accurate information, don’t. Google has a far better idea of what gets indexed in their search engine than someone that writes about half-baked opinions. Hell, just look at NYT’s track record for highly-biased political reporting.

The Death of Text?Charles Snyder Raw #16
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