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Business Blogging Ideas

Business Blogging Ideas1 Minute Marketing Tips #8

Business Blogging Ideas1 Minute Marketing Tips #8.  So are you stuck like Chuck trying to figure out what to blog about?  Do you find it to be a frustrating struggle every time you need to create content?  And who has the time to write business blogs every day?

Business Blogging Ideas - 1 Minute Marketing Tips #8 - One minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

MSH: Make Stuff Happen!

Since I covered Creating Great Blog Content – 1 Minute Marketing Tips #7, here are a few more ideas.  First, take common questions that your customers have and answer them.  So don’t be afraid of taking unique ones and answer them too.  Because you never know when someone else may have the same problems.  And that can generate even more traffic, leads, and sales!

Second, create a content calendar or planner so that you know what you’re going to be blogging about in advance.  Choosing topics ahead of time can save you a lot of hassles and frustration later.  So don’t be shy about planning a week or even a month or more.  This alone will save you a lot of time instead of coming up with Business Blogging Ideas on the spot.

Lastly, understand that the more you blog, the better you will get at it and the faster you will be.  Not only will the creation process get easier, but you will also get quicker at it.  So think of it as a system that you define and refine the more you use it.  Developing business blogging proficiency increases your content creation efficiency.

Make stuff happen! (#MSH)

First, the easiest way I know how to create content for our agency blog is to just do it.  So you should do the same. Write a unique headline with your keyword or keyword phrase and write the first sentence.  But then all you have to do is add another two or three sentences and you will have the first paragraph finished.

All you do is repeat those steps until you have at least 500 words and then you are finished with your next blog entry. Just do it and put it on your done list!

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1 Minute Marketing Tips – one minute, one tip, one thing you can do today to improve your marketing!

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